• We had began to walk into the school gates when my foot collided with something making me fall over.

    "Hey Tera, where'd you go doll?" Romeo questioned confused to where I had went. Trying to get up my legs had become tangled in soemthing. Propping myself on my elbows I came face to face with an unfamiliar boy sleeping.

    "What the heck is he doing here.....?" It was a retorical question, but Romeo decided to answer it.

    "He's sleeping!" Pulling me up he had exclaimed.

    "Thanks you Captain Obvious! But really, have you ever seen this guy before?" I questioned. The young man had a cap on his face to block out the sun, and his hair was almost a black, but it had red highlights to them.

    "Man he's a hard sleeper," Romeo began to nudge him with his foot to see what would happen, but before his fott even touched the boys leg, he jumped up yelling "Boo!" I just starred, but Romeo not so much. He yelled jumping behind me to cower.Now the boy was in a hysterical laughing fit from this.

    "Man that was just too funny! Sorry for scarring you. I couldn't help it, since your friend woke me up from my nap by tripping over me," He said wipping the joyfull tears away.

    "You're new here aren't ya?" I asked.

    "Yeah I am. I'm a Sophomore this year. Oh I didn't introduce myself I'm A.J." A.J. told us putting his hand up for us to shake it.

    "Oh nice to mee you. I'm Tera, and this is Romeo," I told A.J. pointing towards Romeo still holding on to my shoulders. He was glaring at A.J. As I watched A.J. his face was straight and then went into a hilarious, but akward position. Romeo began to crack up.

    "I bet we're going to be greet frineds," Romeo mentioned still snorting away in his strange laugh.Smiling at both of us A.J. left to go find his classes, and Romeo and I departed our was till we met up again.

    My first class was math, boring, and confusing as ever, but I had to deal. The teacher Mr. Porc was a big guy, and I dont' mean by height. Anytime he'd open his mouth he would stutter in that terribly long tone he used making things drag on longer than what they should.

    When it came for the bell to ring, everybody would sigh in relief to get out of class, except for the math nerds, who'd protest against it. This is where all the fun came into my day. Romeo was in my next class, which would be Drama. he was so talented in acting that everybody thought he'd be n the big screen someday.

    When I opened the door two people I know Neil, and Johny were practicing their fight scene from the play Troy. We said a quick hello, and then I turned to find Romeo, and surprisingly A.J. next to him also.

    This caught me off guard, since I didn't know he had this class with me, and Romeo had a glint in his eye telling me something was going on in his head, turning the perpetual gears.
    "Why hadn't you, tellith me yee'd be in the same class?" I questioned in my terrible Eighteenth century dialoge.

    Laughing A.J. looked at me and spoke, " Your dialoge is way off you know. You're not suppose to add the 'ith' to the end of everything Milady," whi;e calling me this he had risen an eyebrow in a flirtasious way.

    "Oh darn you and your acting skills!" I stomped over to my seat, inbetween the two of them.

    "Yes I know the susspense of my great skills is killing you," Putting his hand to his chest he said. The teacher began to tell us the annoucements, for who were going to be doing certain plays, for our annual "festival at school.

    "Neil and Johny you already know what you're doing," announced the teacher with a booming voice, "Okay now since we have a new student, A.J., you'll be working with Tera and Romeo. I still need to find a play for the three of you." After she said this, she called up two other students to display a memorization, of poems.

    The bell rang just as the last word had been said. The ruddeling of clothing was heard as everyone was dismissed to leave.

    "Oh I wonder what our play is going to be." Romeo said with a dreamy look in his eyes. "Maybe it's Love Labored Lost, Hamlet, or even Romeo and Juliet!" he had begun to name off all of the plays he's read or heard of.

    After Drama my last two classes had gone by boringly. Having to only takes notes, and tests throughout each one, there wasn't anything much to do. Leaving the school, I began to walk my way home. Romeo had his after school job so he couldn't drive me, but I needed the excercise.

    There was a honk, someone was signaling they were coming up behind me. Moving off the road into the gravel, so they could move by, I noticed it was a really fancy smancy car, he or she was driving. Whistling at it, the car slowd down, driving next to me. The window had began to rolll down that's when I saw the smiling face of A.J.

    'His folks must be rich,' I thought.

    "Hey why are you walking?" He questioned.

    "Well seeming as I haven't got a car, and Romeo's at his job, I kind of have to walk home," Shrugging I said while walking slowly.

    "Oh I see now. I was thinking about driving by, but I might as well repay you for tripping you. Come on get in, and I'll drive you to yur house," I just stared and blinked. He gave me a questioning look. "Are you going to get in?" He asked popping the door open. I jumped in surprised.

    "Oh sorry your te first one to offer, other than Romeo to give me a ride," I explained.

    "Okay I see then. Don't you have any friends who are girls? You don't seem to get along with lots of people," He began talking starting the car again.

    "Yeah well, I don't know why, but Romeo's basically my only friend. I've had a couple of girls friends, but they've always moved," I told him looking down at my lap. "So Romeo's always been my friend since was back in elementary," I said smiling, while looking up at A.J., to only see him starring off in space towards me. "Hello? Has the little man inside your head fallen asleep?" Me asking this seemed to wake him up from his day dreaming, and that's when I wondered what had now popped into Day Dreamers Valley.

    "Pfft, what little man? I'm no robot. Do I seem like a person with wires in my head?" A.J. retorted back to me.

    "Maybe, you look like a techno wiz to me," I told him.

    "Ah, but alas I am Tera," he said smirking I began to pout thinking ' Darn he's tuff to beat at conversation. That's when I noticed he was passing my house.

    "Stop, you just passed my house," A.J. begun to pull into my driveway. Once he was there I jumped out. "See ya tomarrow I guess." Turning I said back to him where he was in his car.

    "Yeah, see you too," Smiling back towards me he pulled out of the driveway, and went the opposite direction we'd came from.