The light was dim and nothing but silence. As i open my eyes wide i see a women. Her beauty was extrordinary. At first i was speachless but then I asked myself, " Why is she here? Should I be worried?" I sat up and looked softly at her. To my eyes, she seemed harmless. She was so quit and gentle to everything she toached. Her blounde hair was filthy. Her tanktop looked as if it use to be white but was so badly stained it looked brown. I slowely scooted away from her and then i halted suddenly when i noticed the blood on her shirt and tattered shorts. (did she kill someone) I got really freaked out now. And after all my noise and moving she was still silent. I finally got the ice cold nerve to speak, "Um....hello?" She was still quit. Maybe she didn't speak english. Maybe she was a really white mexican. She looked at me, moving her head to me as if she was about to get a whiplash. She looked so confused and more scared than I was. She slowely crawled over to me as swift as a current. She put her hand to my chest gently. I was really freakin out now. She looked at me like I was some sort of wierd species and then crawled back to the little food I had. I brought just enuff food for myself for my spectacular camping trip that turned into a wierd introduction. She was scarfing down food as if she hadn't eatn in years and my the looks of her scary thin body, not so thin that she looked unhealthy but she looked thin as in beautiful but below average. I stood up slowely and walked to my tent. The blankets were all messed up and my cloths were everywere. I looked back at her and smiled and just shook my head. I slipped on a clean pair of black denim jeans and a red VANS t-shirt. I combed my short black hair and walked out.

    I gasped as I saw her playing with the fire. I rushed over to her like my life depended on it but the moment i reached her she had already grabed a burning log. I grabbed her hands and looked at them over and over but I was still in shock. Her hands were perfect.N ot a scratch on them. I looked at her like wut the hell is she. She looked at me and spoke for the first time in the softest voice, " You are frightened of me, because i am not hurt." I looked up at her and casually replied, " No just a bit wierded out! " I helped to pull her up onto her feet and demandedly asked " Alright now that I know you can talk... who are you? " "That is non of your concern. I must go before I am found." wtf was up whith her. " Excuse me, um but I just let you eat 90% of my food the least you could do for me is tell me your name! " I was really pist off at her now. She had some real nerve with that attitude of hers." Thank you for the nurishment but i can't indanger you now please I must go." She ran off with great pace as I was left with a stupid confused look on my face. Was I just robbed by a paranoid bum?

    I turned around and under the Dorito bag was this beautiful crystal jem the size of a marble. I was like in astonishment and turned back to see if I could call to her but I couldn't see her so I just slipped the necklace into my pocket and the moment as I did it got really windy really fast and I could hear feet bang on the ground. I hid in a small gap in the cave i was in. I peeked out and 5 large men in black suits came in the cave with some really wierd large guns and huge oxygen tanks on there backs. The man in the middle used hand signals to spread out the men. One of them got a real good look at me and headed my way. Oh great..these must of been who she was talking about. Crap im in trouble. The man went around the corner and looked at me for like 5 sec and then slowely droped his head and happened to look at the pocket were the jem happened to be. " Nothing here!" He announced and walked away. i was panicing so bad i had already made a river of sweat as long as the mississippi. It was about 6 min later when they all left and aparently that guard wanted what was in my pocket. But why did he let me go? I took in a deap breath, " I have got to find that girl!"