• The moon's rainbow, it's funny how such a beautiful site can have such a dark omen. A demons birth an angels fall. I guess when people first saw this they were scared, as all humans are rventually... I am not scared though, to me it's beautiful, to me it means peace, hope, and freedom. Sometimes i wish on that rainbow, I wish that i had wings, so i may fly up and touch it. For a moment when i close my eyes i can feel it, the wind on my face, and i can see the beautiful colours coming closer, but when i reach out to touch it, i start to fall, my ings turning to nothingness. There is no one to save me, to catch me, so i just let myself fall, and suddenly,..the falling is over, but i'm not dead?! I feel warm arms around me, protecting me. I look up to see a handsome face, and i feel wind whipping past, so i know he has wings, like i had. He sets me on the ground gently, next to my house, then lands gracfully. He offers me the option of staying or going with him. I glance at the house, 'there is nothing there for me anymore' i think to myself, and i don't want to lose him, so my answer should be obvious "take me with you" i say under my breath, he smiled as though he is pleased by this. I see sharp fangs in that smile, but i am not afraid, not anymore. "what is your name?" he asked me, I almost say Kellie, but then relize that is my old name, my old life, so i reply with "Ever". He nods and leans his head down to bite my neck, and before i pass out i see a glimpse of his wings, they reflect the moons rainbow, then everything goes black, When i awaken he is there waiting for me, so i stand, and walk off with my rainbow.

    "daddy, why does mommy always look at the moon?"
    "because sweetie me and your mommy first met under the moon and stars,...and under a rainbow"