• My name is Patrick Mour, I am one of the few people alive on the planet.
    Every day is a struggle for survival, my enemies are lonelieness, depression and the ungodly creatures that now stalk this world.
    I am thirty-seven years old and have spent the last sixteen years of my life killing, fighting and walking alone.

    I had managed to survive the great nuclear death by taking shelter in a underground mine shaft, two miles into the Earth's surface.
    After several years I left to explore the outside world... That was the biggest mistake of my life.

    I stood on a hillside just above the Brooklyn bridge overlooking New Jearsey, hoping to find something, just something to cling on to. Manhatten is nothing but a lifeless collection of ruined structures and I imagine New Jersey will be simmilar.
    Earlier that week I had heard a radio broadcast, something about a 'united front' gathering in New Jersey to assemble a force of order that can hopefully help mankind off of it's knees.
    This order was attempting to assemble all people of the wastes under one banner and hopefully unite us for a greater good.
    That would be hard.
    Even if all of the bandit gangs, small armies and lone wanderers like myself agreed on this, we would stand little chance against the hordes of mutants that plagued the world.

    Then I heard it, A whirring noise in the distance, It was getting closer and closer.
    I cocked my rifle and began scanning the area, expecting to face a new kind of foe but what I saw was far from I expected.
    A helicopter flew overhead, dispatching leaflets as it saw me, and then flying off again.

    I was in shock, I hadn't seen a helicopter since the bombs fell.
    I dropped to my knees and picked up a leaflet, the words "United front" jumped out at me straight away.
    I continued to read, discovering that they were stationed in Morris and that they had enough medical supplies and clean food and water to go around.

    I stuffed the leaflet into my jacket pocket and began descending the hill into the nightmarish ruins of New Jersey.