• Chapter one
    The snow swirled around me as I ran through the snow barking after my victim. “He crossed the border line!” Shia’s voice said in my mind. I snarled in fury and made a left running next to the border and stopped when I saw her. The vampire bared her teeth and hissed. I felt a loud snarl escape my lips. “I will be back.” She said in a cool voice.
    I let out a growl as she turned and walked away. “Shia she left. She is on her lands.” I thought. “Alright Bree just go home and relax” Shia thought back. I sighed and ran home. I sat at dinner and listened to my mom and dad talk then went to bed. I woke up hearing something tapping on my window. Groaning I gotout of bed and looked outside to see shia and Aaron. I opened my window and jumped out landing lightly on the ground. “What is it?” I whispered. “We found the vampire and killed her. She has a son that does not talk.” Shia said. I stiffened and Aaron let out a cough. “We are going hunting.” Shia continued. I looked up to see my little sister Kaylie close the window and knew she was going to keep her mouth shut. “Lets go.” I said.
    Shia ran ahead and Aaron and I followed. I shifted to wolf and picked up speed when the scent hit me. I made a left and kept running ignoring Shia and aaron’s calls. My paws were growing numb but the scent was getting stronger. I stopped suddenly. The scent had vanished. I realized that I was hopelessly lost . I growled in frustration and looked for my paw prints only to find that the heavily falling snow had covered them. “Shia” I thought. There was no response. “Aaron?!” I thought. Nothing. I howled and heard branches crack behind me. “Jared did you find anything?” A male voice called. I turned around and saw a tall vampire with black hair and grey eyes look directly at me. I whined and backed up.
    The vampire stepped toward me and I turned around and ran. He was faster than me and was closing in on me fast. I heard his foot steps stop behind me. I looked around and did not see him. I panted heavily and walked slowly through the woods. The same vampire appeared in front of me. I let out a surprised yelp. Backing up snarling I crouched down laying my ears flat against my head. The vampire smirked. “I am not scared of you.” His voice was silky. I glared at him. I was trembling but growling loudly. “wolves don’t scare me.” He continued.