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    Not that long ago maybe 18 years the least. A man known as Maximillion Pegasus was looking for new ideas for cards in a child's card came, world known. He stumbled upon a thick, tall, stone tablet with a beautiful dragon carved into it. Not wanting to lose the chance to draw such a beast he began working, halfway through the stone tablet, which had not a scratch in site, broke in two right down the middle.

    A year later a great white dragon with one wing made an attempt to return to life as a human. Another dragon, covered in black and red, was flying aimlessly through the night sky when he noticed the dying beast.
    "White dragon, why did you leave the safety of the tablet? If you try to be born you will die."
    "Black dragon!? Please let me go to, my beloved has been born again and i must be with him!"
    red-eyes black dragon pondered on her words for a short time knowing that she had little time to begin with. He sighed then, offered his help. Blue eyes gladly accepted. The white dragon was born again into a family of secret priests. She had long white hair with blue streaks, and blue eyes. However she was only half a soul. Black dragon spoke to the child.
    "i will fill up the empty part of your ba, and become your ka, because you are half of Kisara your name shall be Kisa, and i will protect you for the rest of your life."

    At this time Seto was a year old, and Kisa's left eye turned red in color.

    This is the first step towards the reunion of the great priest and his true love.....

    chapter 1

    Kisa looked at her opponent victoriously. "Now go my darkness dragon end this duel!" She yelled. A red eyes darkness dragon swooped down onto her opponent's side of the field, depleting his lifepoints to zero.
    "Kisa your good," laughed the boy.
    Kisa laughed. "Aw your just saying that." Suddenly her watch began to beep. "Oops I'm going to be late! see you later," she called out as she took the reins of her black stallion and galloped off.
    Two little kids sat at the edge of the city gates. They had the same black messy hair and golden eyes.
    "When is Kisa coming?" One asked.
    "Soon Kara, soon," answered her brother.
    The black stallion that carried Kisa slowed to a trot as she neared the children, once she came to a complete stop, she jumped off and gave them a hug.
    "Quickly, before they know were here," she whispered lifting them one at a time onto the horse, then sitting behind them she had the horse walk off.
    "Where are we staying now Kisa?" Her brother asked turning to see his sister's face.
    Kisa looked at her brother and smiled. "We're going to the northern temple," she answered. Then had the horse go into a gallop.
    When they stopped they were in front of an ancient Egyptian temple. The sandy pillars were breaking apart, and the old tongue was scattered across the walls.
    "Come now before night falls, i have prepared everything so that we wont waist sun light," she said helping them off the saddle, then hand-in-hand she led them, and the horse, inside the temple.
    "This is a safe place for now," Kisa smiled then showed them where they were going to sleep. There was three beat up sleeping bags, a pile of hay, and some food.
    Kisa started a fire as the other two got settled.
    "Sis, when can we go back to the village?" the brother asked as he munched on his bread.
    Kisa was silent. The truth was, was that she could never go back to any town, village, or city. because she is a thief. The only people who would take her and her siblings are her friends, who are part of a family who guard the pharaoh's tomb, and she doesn't want to get her younger siblings involved.
    "Soon, Mika, soon," she lied.
    "Kisy, why do we change homes everyday?" Her littler sister asked.
    "Because," Kisa said then took up a torch and walked back to the entrance of the temple. An hour passed. Mika and Kara fell asleep, their heads resting on the horse's side. Kisa sat at the side of the entrance. Her head resting against a broken pillar.
    "Kisa?" Asked a familiar voice.
    "Who's there!?" Kisa demanded jerking up into a defensive position.
    "It's just me," said the boy from earlier today.
    "Oh Marik its just you."
    Kisa let her arms down in relief, then ran to him giving him a hug.
    "What brings you here? How did you find me?" She asked
    Marik chuckled. "You forgot about my sister, and her millennium necklace haven't you?"
    Kisa blushed. She apologized then offered him to inside, out of the cold. Marik refused. He pulled out a long white rectangular box.
    "We wanted to give it to you Kisara," he smiled.
    "Thank you, and i told you my name is Kisa not Kisara," Kisa said protesting the name for what she thought the thousandth time. She opened the box letting out a gasp of surprise as she pulled out a white silk priestess dress.
    "Wear it with pride Kisa, all your family members were priests or priestess. Now its your turn," Marik said charmingly.
    Kisa's eyes teared up. "Thank you, my closest and only friend," she hugged Marik tightly.
    "Kisa , I'm glad that you didn't come with me to Battle city, i couldn't bear to lose you," he whispered hugging her back.
    "I wouldn't stay nothing would ever make me leave my best friend," she assured.
    Marik smiled wryly but her knew that she would. he met a man there, named Seto Kaiba, and he knew that Seto and Kisara was meant to be together. Even if it took thousands upon thousands of years. They'll find a way to be together. He did all he could to keep Kisa away from Kaiba.
    "Sis! Sis! Its Kara! She wont wake up!" Screamed Mika panicked.
    "What!?" Marik and Kisa yelled in unison as they ran into the temple.
    There lay Kara. Mika tried to wake her but failed. Marik tried as well hoping that she was a heavy sleeper, but he knew she wasn't. She was pale and had a high fever. Kisa checked her pulse, it was faint. She looked above her sister's head. There she saw the faint shadow of Kara's spirit.
    "She needs a doctor," Kisa murmured.
    "We don't have any money," Mika reminded
    "Then I'll steal some."
    Marik was silent. Will he tell her what she needs to know to save her sisters life, or allow Kara to die so that he could keep his priestess home?
    "The owner of Kaiba corp. is in the city north of here, if you go now you can steal whatever money you need for Kara, I'm sure he won't miss it," Marik said boldly.
    Kisa hugged him. "Thank you Marik, I'll be back stay with my siblings."
    "Maybe i should go instead...you know how to keep Kara alive more than me," Marik argued.
    "And I'm also a better thief, if you go it might take days for the money to get here, even with my magic she wouldn't last that long, that is why i must go."
    Marik tried again to persuade her to let him go in her place, but when Kisa make up her mind its pointless to try to change it.
    "No is no Maric, even if you know Kaiba that doesn't mean hes going to give you the money, rich pampered kids like him don't care for street rats like us," she said coldly as she took the silk dress and the reins to her horse, and left.
    Kisa rode off to the city where Marik told her Kaiba was supposed to stay. She left the horse on the hill, hidden from bandits. She quickly changed out of the rags she was wearing, and put on the silk dress. she concentrated on calling forth her energy to summon her ka. Suddenly a red light burst out of her chest. The light faded and in its place was red eyes black chick.
    "Come, we have my sister to save," she smiled as she made her way down.
    Kisa dodged every police officer, and unwanted eyes. then headed for a fancy hotel she was more than positive her victim was staying. the building was surrounded by guards and it looked impossible to get in. but that's the kind of Excitement Kisa enjoyed. Outsmarting a bunch of well trained guards.
    "This will be easier than robing tombs," she laughed then ran down, red eyes black chick following her.
    i am only half of kisara so would this be something she wouldn't originally do?