• Chapter One – The Beginning

    “What are you doing?” My sister asked at my bedroom door.

    “Nothing, writing.” I replied without looking up from my paper.

    “Are you writing another story?” she asked as she walked into my room and read over my
    shoulder. “You know how much I love you little stories.”

    “”No, not a story, an essay actually, for Mr. Jamerson. And you do not need to be in my room.” I told her as I stood up to escort her out the door. Even though she was my twin I was taller than her by almost half a foot. Where I was thin and tall, she was short and “thick” as a mother would have put it. Where I was light she was dark as well, my blond hair compared to her brown, my emerald eyes compared to her seemingly black ones. Father says we were both beautiful just in different ways, completely different ways.

    “Thank you for visiting the chambers of Princess Vervaila and please come again.” I said as I pushed her through the door. Before she could protest any more I closed the door and went back to my morning writing. I had lied though; I wasn’t writing my essay, although I should have been. Instead I was writing Father’s address to the people. He was becoming far too old to be worrying able small matters like pity thieves and sorcerers, matters that were too far over my sister’s head.


    After being shoved out of my own sister’s bed chambers I decided to visit someone who would talk to me.

    “Damien, are you here?” I shouted through the empty halls of the East Wing. “Damien!”

    “Yes, yes My Lady, what is it?” I hear a voice call back. A moment later a boy was in the hall grinning at me. “Do you actually have something for me to do or are you here to be a nuisance again?”

    He always asked the same thing whenever I visit him on his sift to patrol the palace.

    “No, I’ve come to have a chat with my favorite knight.” I said returning his grin.
    He really was my favorite knight. Before that he had been my favorite subject. We meet when we were ten and I have been friends with him and his impossibly dark curly hair and eyes the color of rain ever since. But I’ve never shown how much I like his company. I am a princess after all. But despite my very un-lady-like attempts to flirt with him, Damien has always been the gentleman my Father expects him to be.

    “I do not mean to be rude Your Majesty, but shouldn’t you be on your way?”

    “What do you mean?” I asked completely oblivious to what he meant.

    “His Lordship King Majorin is to give an address at noon today on the sorcerer problem. Why, being the princess I thought you would be expected to be there.” He replied with a nervous smile. He knew I didn’t like being out of the loop, and have mean I can be when I’m angry.

    I gave him a reassuring smile. “Best be off then shouldn’t I?” With that I ran down the hall to find my Father and to have a very unpleasant conversation with him and my sister.


    Father and I had just gathered in the decision room, a small area with flags on the walls, a thrown, and a wooden table in the center, when my sister arrived. He was still reading my speech when she started making her way towards him. Looking upon the two there was no denying the relationship. They were both short and stout, in Father’s case more puggy, fair skinned, dark hair and eyes that hide behind their long eyelashes. They were father and daughter all the way through right down to the nose crunching together into a look of distastefulness.

    “Why didn’t you tell me about the address today?” She hissed in his face. “Why did I have to walk around looking a fool when a servant had to tell when you were speaking? Hem?”

    Before she could continue I intervened. “It isn’t a very important speaking. Neither of us thought you would be interested in-”

    “Why wouldn’t I be interested in my own people?” She yelled at me. At father she said “Why didn’t you tell me.”

    “Well, you see-” He started to say.

    “Sharont’e, you know how Father is with words. Let me explain. Its-” I said over him.

    “I am not talking to you, Sister and it is rude to interrupt. Father, you will explain yourself, in your own words!”

    My father stood up in frenzy. “How dare you! You will not talk to your King nor your sister in such manner! You should be ashamed of yourself. You-” It was then that he collapsed to the floor.