• Hello, I am Ritsuka Cat at the young age of 17, this is my tale...
    it was the 14 century and vampires have just revealed themselves. It was first in Japan, a vampire held the lifeless body of a high powered king. The news spread like wild fire. Soon all the vampires had revealed themselves.
    I was only seven at the time and I didn't understand any of it, but it frightened my parents so.
    We lived in a small village by the name of Lavenders Grove, only a half hours walk to the large city of Moons Light. My parents told me to never go out at night or go off with a stranger.
    The first vampire I ever saw was the old woman living next to us. Her name was Yuuiko. She lived with her husband and five sons until her sons married and moved away and her husband died of illness.
    Yuuiko attacked my parents killing them. Soon after, Yuuiko died herself leaving me alone.
    I was left on the streets to die. An orphan without a home. I grew thin and frail. My clothes in taters and dirt covered my body. My hair became a tangle and knotted in the back. Cuts decorated my feet and hands.
    I would cry, frightened by the memory of my parents bloody death that happened right before my eyes. I could barely sleep, mortified by the nightmares. The villagers would say, "Morpheus has cursed the girl or the beast, Nightmare, is fallowing her" Morpheus was the Greek God of Dreams. Nightmare was a beast that would cause people to have a nightmare.
    One night, I lay on the cold grass by the river of Lavender Grove, trying to escape the hot night of summers begins. As I lay there the memory flooded back. I could hear the screams and feel the warm blood splatter my face. I cried till sleep over came me. i had the same dream I had every night, it was called death
    I awoke to find a young man standing over me with the moon shinning off his hair.
    The man had very well kept hair. Short and blonde with a light white tint, like the love birds feathers (dove). His eyes were a bright golden color that reminded me of making honey bread with my mother. He was very tall and lean. He was much too well dressed for anyone of Lavender Grove or Moons Light. His face looked young and smooth, like a river stone.
    "Why do you lay beside the river, Girl?" he asked me in a smooth warm voice. I sat up rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "I have no place to go, sir" I spoke in a shaky quiet voice. It sounded as if a harmful word could make me shatter into pieces.
    "Well, that will not do, what is your name Girl?" he smiled at me bringing hot tears to my eyes.
    My name? I have not spoken nor heard my name in two years. I strained to remember my forgotten name. "R-ritsuka....Ritsuka Cat"
    he went down on his knee and hugged me. It was warm and sheltering. The tears broke free and poured down my dirt smeared face. "Will you come live with me Ritsuka?"