• Conspiracy?

    Some have said in the past that the Cheshire cat is used as a spy for the Queen and even a consultant on issues of state. Can it be true that our Queen has been getting information and advice from the Cat for the very laws that our kingdom is run by? Is it possible that the Cat is a spy informing the Queen of the goings on and ideas of citizens? Is there any freedom left to the people of Wonderland?

    We asked these questions to a few select citizens, one of whom chose to remain anonymous.

    Do you believe that the Cheshire Cat has been giving advice to the Queen?

    I know the cat is. The Queen can't keep secrets for anything and the Cat is a very persuasive individual.

    Is the Cheshire Cat a spy?

    I well...I can't be sure. But you know how she just appears and disappears in the oddest places and at the oddest times... She would make a perfect spy. Its just...How do we know whom it is she is spying for?

    What do you mean?

    I guess I mean, since she spends so much time with the queen and all, are we sure it is us she is spying on and not the Queen herself?

    Another citizen, the March Hare, gave a very different opinion. “I think the Cheshire Cat is a spy all right. He is always popping in and out and never finishes his tea and the tarts are left cold! And TIME! Never on time! He must be out doing something during that time if he can't make time for tea!”

    “You do realize the Cheshire Cat is a she? Don't you?” I asked.

    “Why a cat is always a he! And we all know he cannot be a she! Besides, a she would never make a very good spy, but a cat would and so the cat must be a he.”

    So, the Cheshire Cat, Spying on Wonderland's Citizens? Or Wonderland's Queen? For the Queen? Or for some other unknown party? Gender confused? What do you say? This is WONDERTimes, signing out.