• As was I walking home from school I heard someone call my name so turned around to see no one then I heard some one call my name again so I turned around again to see an old man with big a** stick/cane he looked really familiar "Why hello saya"the old man said."Do I know you"I said with worry in my voice."You'll know soon"he said."Well look at the time um...er...bye!" I said,"wait! I can at least ask you a question?" the old man said "fine" I said."If you had the power to go to any world what would it be?"my thoughts went idmindely to Naruto the future hokage/my crush."um...well Naruto" "really?" he said with surprise in his voice "very well when you wake up you shall be in the Naruto world but you will lose all of yor memories when you arrive there" he said."er...yeah I got to go home um bye!"I said running away.(why didn't you leave when you had the chance?!)A voice said."i don't know i-it felt like I knew him somehow" I said as i ran to my house."oh,hi saya!"my mom said "how was school?" "um...ok" "I said I'm going to take a nap" I said to my mom. "dinners at seven!" "m'kay" I ran to my room only to trip and fall on my face. "Need to watch where I'm going" I said to myself I stood up and walked to my room, it was really messy, the only thing that stood out in my room was poster of a missing person, my friend shara kinney, she ran away from home a few years ago. I started to change into some baggy clothes I had in my closet.(now to see If the old man said was
    true) I walked to my bed to stop suddenly.(I need to pack)i thought. I grabbed all of my clothes and books and stuffed them In my suit case.I laid in my bed clutching to my stuff.I slowly closed my eyes,then I feel asleep.... my eyes slowly open to see I was in a very dark forest, so dark that I couldn't even see my own hands.(where am I?who am I?)I thought. then I realized that I was walking,I tried to stop but it was like my body had mind of its own. "halt!" someone said, out of nowhere two guys in weird clothes appeared out of thin air, they were wearing a green vest with a gray shirt and blue baggy pants. but I kept walking, I tried to tell them I cant but I couldn't talk.The second guy whispered something to the first guy."put your weapon down!"The first guy said when I got closer.I looked down to see that I had a sword in my hand,It was very long and kind of curved, It was also covered In blood I was covered in blood too, head to toe.(oh god!what happened to me?!)I thought."last warning!put your weapon down now!" I tried to stop my self with all my might but failed. "we have no choice but to kill you"the two men started to run towards me at full speed. suddenly I was running too. the two men pulled out weird shiny looking knives from their pouches then I raised my sword (no!no!stop!please STOP!!!!)then everything went black.....(uhhhh) "get a medic ninja now!" yes sir!!" "kozu" yes!" "take her to the hokage" . I felt my body being picked up, then I felt I was flying through the air into a very warm room. "lord hokage" "what is it?" we found this girl in the forest covered in blood it looks like she isn't hurt, but a few miles west we found the two missing ninja dead" "hmm..." "what are you thinking lord hokage?" "make sure she gets clean, and bring her back here" "of course lord hokage" then everything went quite... (I must have past out) I thought then I opened my eyes. "It's good to see you awake" a voice said. I gasped. "don't worry I wont hurt you" "w-who are you?" "I am the third hokage of the leaf village" 'what that?" I said "you don't know what a hokage is?" "no" I replied in a squeaky voice. "well a hokage is like the leader and the protector of the village" "oh! like a super hero?" "er,yeah like a super hero. anyway I'm going to ask you some questions ok?" "ok"I said. the old man did something weird with his hands and I felt like I was being chained to the floor. "If you lie to me the chains will only get tighter and might suffocate you so answer me truthfully ok?" "m'kay" after 5 hours of interrogation he finally let me go. " *knock* *knock* "come in!" he said, then a kid with blond hair and whiskers came in. "wattdaya want old man" the blond boy said. the hokage ended up getting vein mark on the side of his head. "Naruto meet saya,she will be living with you for now on" "um who's that?" "you don't like the name?" "no no! It's just that....never mind" "what?!please tell me you're joking, PLEASE!" "sorry Naruto but I'm not anyway I want you to show her around the village for a while, also I'll enroll you both into the ninja academy It's time for you to go now" The hokage said. before the hokage kicked us out he gave me some money. "This is for the equipment you need for the ninja academy, spend it wisely" "okay" I said. "hurry up!" Naruto said "I'm coming!"I yelled. the hokage walked backed into his room. "kozu" "yes lord hokage" "I want to keep a close eye On her" "Is she the one?" "I do not know yet but I do know this: She Is very powerful. you are dismissed" "yes lord hokage"he said as he poofed out of the room. "Um, Naruto?" "What" "Um.." my stomach stated to growl, he looked at my stomach and grinded real big and said,"I know the prefect place to eat!" he said as he grabbed my hand. I was out of breath when we reached a ramen shop called Ichiraku. "Why hello Naruto and who's this?" "This Is saya, she's new here!" he said. "hi" he said. "um..hi" "anyway two blows of ramen please!" "coming right up!" "hey saya?" "...yeah" "um well where are you from?" "I...I-I don't remember" "you don't remember?!" "...I don't want to talk about It" "sorry" "It's okay"I replied in a very quite voice.The ramen shop guy handed us two bowls of ramen. "um naruto..." I said. "*slurp* yeah?" "I've been wanting to ask you this but you might get mad at me" "whatever it is I wont get mad" he said in a playful voice. "er, what the hell is on you face?!"I said in a whisper. Naruto started to frown and get this deadly look in his eyes. "um I-I-I'm soooo sorry i'll never ask you that in a million years! please don't get mad at mee please!!" I started to cry, then vision started to get blurry by the second. "h-hey don't cry! I was only kidding! here! have the rest of my ramen!" he said in a panicked voice. " " i looked up slowly to see him with a worry expression on his face. Without thinking I hug so tight he started to turn purple. "No--air--" " ER..SORRY!" i said in a embarrassed voice. "It's ok!(man she got a grip like a freak'n bear!)"he thought. "any way let me show you around" he yelled, he grabbed my hand, together we became the best of friends.