• There I was, no not the girl in the green with the long blonde hair, I was the one beside her, wearing blue and with the dark brown hair. I'm Mint like Peppermint why named Peppermint? because that was the only thing I would eat at age of 2 weeks. So where was I? Oh yeah. SO I was standing there crouched down. Ready to speed my way to the finish line and win the medal. Easy? NO. Because there were like a bagillion people watching. By the way, Im 14. I had an overreactive imagination. My imaginary ostrich told me that 2 days ago. Yeah that's right, weirdo with an imaginary ostrich HA HA. But i like comparing myself to my animal friends smile 3 2 1 GO! Dang. I started to run a little behind but I wasn't going to speed right now. I always think: Don't use to much energy before you get close, use it when you are trying to beat the hag in front of you when the line is just meters away. I was creative with words. This race wasn't just winning a medal and being on the Track team, it was also getting Matt's heart. Ahh,Matt the guy I liked so much even all the teachers knew.
    TO BE CONTINUED! ( I will only continue if people like it.)