• You can't help but think that there are more important things in life. When you feel as though your life has been taken from you, drawn out of you due to some unforeseen circumstance; what do you do? Do you question your own existence? Do you wallow in the numerous pits of darkness that dot the fragmented portions of your mind? Or, do you, against all odds that point you down a long twisted path of broken dreams, heartache, and failed goals, still hold onto that one sliver of hope?
    That single silver lining around that storm cloud that cast itself over you "Garden of Eden"; is there for you. Lest you be taken in by that dark shadow that crawls so effortlessly on the ground, following your footsteps as you run. The fear that it feeds off of. The fear of your past indiscretions fuels this monster.
    How frail are you, to be scared by such a thing? A weightless, coward of a monster that stalks it prey. Its hunger satiated by only the flaws it may pull from your past. It has no heart. The only hope it has ever seen, is that of yours.
    The silver lining. It contains this monster. So long as you focus on what you do have, you will be envious of no one. Be thankful of what you do have, of who you have, of what you have accomplished, and that shadow will grow weaker.
    A silver lining will grow into something more. Like the rays of the Sun, ones hope can only get bigger. From a line to that feeling of warmth that yearns to burst forth from your chest. That feeling that urges you to smile. The single feeling that crushes all other form of despair.
    Your silver lining will be more then you could ever imagine so long as you have someone to walk beside. That single person who can do no wrong. Your hope, your love, your heart, your silver lining.