• tab Felitia sat down opposite Jared and started buttering a piece of toast, quite a difficult feat to do with one hand only.
    tab “Let me do that for you,” said Jared and took her plate. Felitia was about to protest but stopped when Jared beat her to it.
    tab “It’s fine, I don’t mind.” He handed the plate back to her.
    tab “Thanks,” she said and took a small munch.
    tab “Bacon?” he offered.
    tab “I thought you would’ve remembered by now. I can’t stand the stuff.
    tab “Yeah, sorry, I forgot.” Truth was, his head was still spinning from the events of the day before.
    tab She actually kissed me. Maybe I was right to get my act together. Maybe we are becoming closer.
    tab “Hey, freakazoid.” It was Genevieve.
    tab “Which one?” Felitia asked light-heartedly. Genevieve seemed annoyed that she didn’t feel offended by the comment.
    tab “You, dumbo,” she jeered at Felitia. Felitia waved the insult away like a pesky fly. Jared, however, found himself staring daggers at Genevieve.
    Don’t you ever call Felitia dumb, or any other name for that matter. She’s probably ten times as smart as you.
    tab “And what are you looking at?” Genevieve nagged, hands on hips. Jared averted his eyes. “Looks like I’ve upset your boyfriend.”
    tab Felitia rolled her eyes.
    tab Oh the irony, if only she knew.
    tab “Well, what do you want Genevieve?” Felitia asked, desperate to see her hurry up and leave.
    tab “You know very well what I want b***h!” she shouted.
    tab Jared stood up abruptly. No way was he going to let Genevieve talk to Felitia like that.
    tab “Sit down, Jared,” Felitia ordered calmly. Genevieve continued.
    tab “Thanks to you, my brother is being brought in for questioning about yesterday. I want you to go to Remsum and tell him you were lying so that neither of us gets into trouble.”
    tab “No way! It’s his own silly fault that he’s being interrogated. He shouldn’t have made my horse throw me off. And I’ve had just about enough of you thinking you are superior to me and that you can order me around like some dumb servant. I’m no pushover and you know that. So you just crawl back into your slimy hole and eat worms or whatever it is you do when no one sees you.”
    tab Genevieve’s mouth hung open. People all across the dining hall whispered and muttered amongst themselves. Genevieve Caimerode had just been cussed big time by Felitia Rosewood, and not one soul was going to be left uninformed.
    tab “You’ll pay for that!” Genevieve spat and stropped off.
    tab “Wow, that was amazing!” Jared exclaimed.
    tab “Well, now we know that Ganymede’s not in the clear anymore,” Felitia said, not wanting to elevate herself by agreeing with Jared’s comment.
    tab “I reckon, by the end of the day, you’ll be out of trouble and Ganymede will be kissing the Summer Solstice festival goodbye,” Jared said cheerfully as he stabbed a slice of sausage and popped it into his mouth.


    tab It was after dinner and Jared and Felitia were walking back to the common room, passing Remsum’s office. It had taken them longer than usual because of Felitia’s injured arm which, although it had healed enough to take it out of the sling, was still very sensitive to intricate movements such as using a knife or fork.
    tab They heard shouting from the other side of the door and looked back.
    tab “Looks like Remsum is certainly dealing with Ganymede,” Felitia said. They turned back around and continued to walk.
    tab The door opened violently and Ganymede stumbled out as the door slammed shut, cursing. Casually, the pair kept on walking, not wanting to draw any attention from the fuming Ganymede.
    tab “Oi! Stop! This is all your fault isn’t it.”
    tab They turned around.
    tab “Ah, Ganymede. You enjoy your little talk with Remsum?” Felitia said provocatively. Ganymede stormed towards them, eyes ablaze with rage. He obviously wasn’t in the mood for resolving this civilly.
    tab What is she doing? She must out of her mind, provoking him.
    tab “Now, no need to get upset. It’s what you deserve,” she said, feeling slightly threatened. Jared edged slowly in front of her protectively. He could sense that Ganymede was about to do something very rash.
    tab Ganymede clenched his teeth and grabbed his dagger from its scabbard. Letting out an almighty roar, he thrust the knife at Felitia. It spun through the air over and over, too fast for anyone to react.

    tab Felitia heard a small grunt of agony. The knife had lodged itself in Jared’s upper arm. He cringed and tried to pull the blade out of his flesh, drawing crimson blood out of his body. It pulsated out of the wound and the blood stain spread rapidly across his shirt.
    tab She covered her mouth in shock and stepped back as he fell against the wall. He tried to prop himself up knowing that Ganymede would launch another attack at Felitia. His vision became blurred and he became breathless. All the blood he was loosing was depriving him of oxygen; he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He dropped the knife to the floor, his arms going limp, his legs threatening to do the same.
    tab Ganymede grabbed Felitia’s neck and drove her against the opposite wall. He picked up his knife and strode towards her, a smile of pure evil spread across his face. His bloodthirsty eyes said ‘you are going to die’.
    tab For the first time in her life, Felitia felt terrified.
    tab No! You can’t kill me. You mustn’t, you just can’t. Her lip trembled and tears welled up in her eyes.

    tab Jared lurched himself forward and grabbed Ganymede’s shoulders, throwing him to the floor. This didn’t stop him for very long; he picked himself up and rocketed toward Jared, knocking him into the wall again.
    tab “I’ll kill you first then,” Ganymede hissed and squeezed his hand around Jared’s throat. Jared’s eyelids threatened to close forever; his strength was deserting him fast with his flowing blood. He didn’t even have enough strength to take out his knife. Through his blurred vision he saw Felitia, her hands covering her quivering mouth, a look of sheer terror in her eyes.
    tab All of a sudden he was filled with a new strength, an urge to survive so he could protect his fair maiden. He grasped Ganymede’s arms and pushed back with all his might. His breath came in short rasps as Ganymede squeezed harder, suffocating him.

    tab I can’t let this happen.
    tab Felitia grabbed Ganymede’s shoulders and tried to pull him away from Jared.
    tab “Let go of him you bloody monster!” she screamed. Her valiant attempt to help her suffocating friend was beaten ferociously by the super strength of Ganymede in his enraged state. He let go for a moment, only to knock Felitia to the floor. Winded, she tried to get up. She saw the battle taking place before her eyes.
    tab I have to do something. But there’s no point in trying to interfere. I would only get more hurt and it wouldn’t solve anything; Ganymede is too strong. It’s hopeless. Jared will die, then I will die beside him.
    tab She looked around her for help.
    tab Remsum’s office is just down the hallway. I could get help from him.
    tab She prepared herself to run when she saw the battle scene get even more violent. Jared kicked Ganymede’s stomach. He stumbled back, only to launch himself back at Jared, knife flailing wildly. In the knick of time, Jared had drawn his dagger. He blocked the attack, the two knives only inches from his heart.
    tab He was quickly losing his balance and sense of direction. The effects of the blood loss came like a swift, deadly disease. Even his newfound strength couldn’t support him now. He was speedily fading out of reality.
    tab Ganymede saw his chance and punched Jared’s head. His body hurtled back against the wall. A bloodcurdling crack could be heard as his skull collided with the stone and ricocheted off the wall. He fell to the floor, unmoving. A pool of scarlet formed around his broken frame.

    tab His knife slid on the floor in the direction of Felitia. She picked it up and hid it in her dress.
    tab I am going to need this, one way or another.
    tab Ganymede approached her slowly; the grin on his face was morphing into a distorted mad expression. He only had one thing on his mind, kill. He passed the body of Jared and shifted his limp head with his boot in mockery then spat at the floor.
    tab “You evil, evil demon!” Felitia screamed. She ran to Jared’s side, but was halted by Ganymede who had grabbed her injured arm. His firm grip dug painfully into her flesh, but she ignored it. All she could do was stare at the silent body of Jared.
    tab “You see him?” he whispered maliciously into her ear. “That’s what happens to those who get in the way of what a Caimerode wants.”
    tab A single tear rolled down Felitia’s cheek, which she quickly wiped away with her sleeve.
    tab You can’t let Ganymede see you cry. Don’t give him the satisfaction.
    tab “How like a girl,” he spat, noticing her tears.
    tab No! I can’t let him win. The knife in her hand called to her. Ganymede will pay for what he did. Was this what is was like to crave bloodshed? What about what Jared had said to her on that first night; ‘You’re not a killer. You’re not a bad person. Everyone has a reason for feeling angry…’ But this was her reason; Ganymede was trying to kill them. She didn’t even know if Jared was alive; all that blood loss and that blow to the head could easily kill him. No! Jared, you can’t be dead!
    tab Unable to control herself, she lashed out at Ganymede with Jared’s knife. He caught her wrist before it could come close to his body and twisted her arm behind her back. Cringing in pain she let go of the knife. It fell to the floor with a loud ‘clank’.
    tab “Felitia, you really have surprised me. I never thought you would go as far as trying to kill me. You must be very angry at me for killing your boyfriend,” Ganymede mocked
    She struggled to break free from his grasp, but he drove her against the wall.
    tab “Now, it’s your turn,” he said menacingly, and Felitia could swear she saw his eyes glow green for a moment.
    tab He held the knife dripping with Jared’s blood to her neck. But Felitia wasn’t afraid of dying anymore. All she was afraid of was Jared dying.
    tab You will not kill me. I won’t let you. If Jared dies to save my life then I won’t waste his sacrifice. I will live for him. She gripped Ganymede’s arm and tried with all her strength to push the knife away from her. She gained some leeway for a few seconds then Ganymede pushed back harder. The knife hovered unsteadily close to her face; she could see it right close to her eye. A drop of Jared’s blood fell on her check and rolled down her face like a ruby tear. She let out a small cry. Her arm was trembling under the pressure of competing with Ganymede’s strength. The knife touched her cheek and the sharp blade pierced her skin. The cut felt like her face was burning in strong acid, like she had just had chemicals pumped into her body. She could feel warm fluid seeping down her face but she wasn’t afraid of the daunting agony. She still ignored the pain she was facing; only the thought of Jared dying could dwell in her mind.
    tab She closed her eyes, she could do nothing more to save herself.
    tab “Stop! Immediately!” boomed a voice from down the hallway. Remsum sprinted down the corridor to intervene.
    tab Well, you could’ve come sooner.
    tab He grabbed Ganymede’s arms and restrained them behind his back. Ganymede grunted and squealed like a deranged beast. He struggled to break free, but to no avail.
    As soon as Felitia got the chance, she rushed to Jared’s body.
    tab Hell, what do I do? She gently moved his body into a more decent position. Check for a pulse. She placed two fingers on the side of his neck, ‘badum…badum…badum…badum…’ She could feel a slow, weak heartbeat. Thank the gods!
    tab She turned back to Remsum who had just locked Ganymede in a broom cupboard.
    tab “Stay here! I’ll get help,” he ordered then ran down the hall toward the hospital wing. Felitia continued her checks on Jared. She laid a hand on his bloodstained chest, feeling short, shallow, rasping breaths.
    tab She started to tend to his wounds. She pulled a handkerchief out of one of her dress pockets and pressed it onto the knife wound on Jared’s upper arm. Immediately, it soaked up blood which was gushing out by the gallon. She held it there until it stopped bleeding.
    tab What do I do now? Just sit here and wait for help to come? She hated feeling so powerless, but what could she do?
    tab She spotted Jared’s knife on the floor.
    tab If any of the teachers discover it, Jared will be in real trouble, if he ever survives this. She picked it up. And a knife has to have a scabbard. She unclipped the leather scabbard from Jared’s belt and slotted the knife into it.
    tab “I wouldn’t let you get into trouble that easily,” she smiled affectionately at him. She lifted his head and rested it on her lap.
    tab “You need to stop trying to protect me. You were almost killed this time, what will happen next time?” I bloody hope he can’t hear me.
    tab “You know you’re not invincible. You’re always worrying about my safety, but you never stop to think who’s going to protect you,” Felitia said as she stroked his pale, cold cheek.
    tab “You’re like a brother to me. I care for you, and I couldn’t bare the thought of losing you.” She kissed his cold forehead and tears fell from her eyes onto his face. She took his hand and held it close to her face. All she could do now was wait.