• Amy looked over at Debbie, her partner, who was shaking. She placed her hand, on Debbie's arm, "Calm down," she said quietly

    Debbie nodded, "A-Amy...I-I'm having second thoughts," she graoned.

    Amy shot her a look, "Debbie, now is not the time to get cold feet" she said, strenly.

    Debbie, gulped and nodded, "I-I know, but.."

    Amy looked at the clock. She started to go over the plan again in her head ..at , At the end of fourth period, they would start from the room they were in and move throughout the school. "Debbie, it's almost time. There should be no," buts" now."

    Debbie looked at the clock and gulped again. "Amy.." she whined.

    Amy looked at her, "Debbie, do you remember what happened last Friday?" she asked, a little irritated. "Do you want that to happen again?"

    Debbie looked down at the ground, "No..." She started to remember that day.

    Debbie and Amy were walking out of the school and two guys, pushed Debbie down, and the rest of their friends, started to kick dirt on her and spit on her, and when Amy tried to help her, The other guys grabbed her and started to hit her.

    For some strange reason, Amy and Debbie were the most hated people at their school. Every one around them saw them as targets for being abused by everyone. Soon they just tried to avoid everyone but they soon found, thath plan would not work, because the guys who picked on them would always find them.

    After what happened Friday, Amy and Debbie had a plan to get back at everyone. Amy was the one who got the plan together, btu Debbie was the one who proposed it. At first it was just anger talk but Amy looked deeper into it.

    Amy looked at the clock again "Debbie,, are you sure you wanna do this?"

    Debbie looked at the clock, and nodded "I do."

    The bell rang. The two girls stood up and Amy yelled "None of you move!!" before taking out a smg and Debbie revieled a shotgun.