• Chapter 6:

    Okay, this trip to Kisuke's wasn't fun. Me and Ichigo got off on a bad start again. Doesn't he know not to scare people when they're walking outside at night?!

    "Sorry." I said.

    "I know, now be quiet." snapped Ichigo.

    "You're mean today." I muttered.

    "What was that little comment?" asked Ichigo.

    "Uh, nothing." I replied.

    He deserved a flashlight on the face. He's awfully grouchy, grouchier at me than usual. I kept shining my flashlight on the sidewalk.

    "Why do you need a flashlight?" asked Ichigo.

    "Let's just say that things get creepy at night and I don't want anything to happen to me." I replied.

    "What kind of creepy things?" asked Ichigo.

    "I dunno. Maybe those things you fight all the time. Or a mugger." I replied.

    "You mean Hollows." said Ichigo.

    "Yeah, those things." I said back.

    I always wondered if his guess about me is that I may be a Soul Reaper like him is right. Maybe not, Ichigo's right, I'm not suited for fighting, unless it's in a movie or video game. What if he is right about me being a Soul Reaper? I started to have my doubts.

    "Hey Ichigo?" I asked. I stopped walking.

    "What?" he asked back.

    "Do you really think I may be a Soul Reaper?" I asked.

    "I don't know yet. And I have to protect you now with two other Soul Reapers. The Soul Socity thinks you may be one or not. But we must be careful, Aizen might send an arrancar after you." replied Ichigo.

    That was nice of him. I started to think Ichigo had a soft spot in him. Then, two soul reapers shown up! I turned around.

    "No way." I said softly.

    To be continued....