• After they ate Syaoran stood up from the table. "Im sorry Sakura but i need to go to work."
    His face was sad and worried. "Oh....W-well its ok Syaoran." Sakura said. She see's how sad
    he his and places her hand on his cheek. "Don't worry. i'll be alright till you get back."
    She said with a warm , caring smile. He sighed and placed his hand on hers. "Its just sad
    for me to leave you alone is all" He said. Sakura smiled at him "Noone cares for me as much
    as you do Syaoran." He bent down and pressed his lips againts hers. Sakuras cheeks turned a
    light pink and she kissed him back. After the kiss she noticed that she was wrapped around him.
    Her already pink cheeks turned darker and she looked down. She felt a hand go under her chin
    she stared into his blue colored eyes. Whenever she stared at them she always felt warm and
    safe. He smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her giving her a hug. She leaned her head on
    his chest and closed her eyes. He let go of her looking at the clock for he was now late. "I
    have to go Sakura, Im sorry" he said his voice sad again. "Dont worry about me Syaoran. I'll
    be okay. I'll wait for you" She smiled at him. He chuckled and walked out the door whispering
    "I love you my cherry." She smiled. 'He loved me, and i love him' she thought. She turned to
    look at the house she was in. "Now what in the world am i going to do till he gets back?!"

    Hours later

    "Sakura, my dear , Im home!" Someone yelled from the door. "She looked away from the things
    she was doing and saw Syaoran in the door way. "Syaoran! Welcome home!" she yelled running to
    him and tackleing/hugging him. "Oof! I can feel the love" he laughed. She blushed madly "I-its
    not funny! i missed you!" She slightly yelled. He laughed again and pulled her down to his
    level planting a kiss on her. He blush darkened and she kissed him back. When the kiss ended she
    laying on top of him in a not so public postion. "Ummm...i should probably get off you know."
    she said. He laughed again and got up holding out his hand to help her up. She grabbed his hand
    andlet him help her. "How was your day Syaoran?" She said. "Boring without you" He winked.
    "You poor thing!" She teased. He laughed again and smiled."Well it is true you know? everything
    is boring without you there." he said. He placed his hand on her cheek. "I told you a blush
    suits you better then a frown."he said. She placed her hand on his and smiled. "Oh by the way
    we have collage tomorrow so we need to go shoping!" she said. He sighed "Oh joy....."

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