• There Was A dude named Dude N. Friend the "N" means Nearly...Yeah I Don't know why im not the writer im just the narrator...writer please say "Hello"

    Writer: "Wuzzup Peeps"

    That was the writer..

    lets start now shall we?

    OK then...

    Hmpgh..ok ughh...Dude! Say You Line!

    Dude: "Yeah Oh Sorry..Umgh..He--llow Bob.."

    Bob: "Sups.."

    Marley: "Sup Dude.."

    Dude: "umm..Are you brothers?cuz..there's a guy named BOB MARLEY..

    Bob and Marley: "Nah..No..We're cousins..Probably friends.."

    Dude: "ugh...Ok Then.."

    So they went to school..

    Teacher: "Stand Up Children!!"

    Dude: "Oh man, She's Gonna Kill us.."

    The WHOLE class gulps...

    Teacher: "Lets go ice skating.."

    Bob: "Why??"

    Teacher: "Cuz I want to.."

    Bob: "OK Then.. uhhh...so...let's go to the bus then.."

    The class is in the bus..

    Bob: "Yo Marley Gimme Your Chips.."

    Marley: "Why Should I?"

    Bob: "Cuz im awesome.."

    Dude: "Bob Gimme Your Juice.."

    Bob: "Sure man.."

    Dude: "Thanks.."

    Bob: "Marley i told ya gimme your chips!"

    Marley: "Uhh Marley Is Not Available now..please call later.."

    Bob: "Don't Play Games With Me!"

    Marley: "Beep~ Beep~"

    Bob: "Hey Hey Don't.... Bah..What Does It matter.."

    the class is in the skating ring now..

    Dude: ~Shakes~

    Marley: "Dude..What Are you doing just shaking there? wanna pee man?"

    Dude: "I don't know how to skate man!"

    Marley: "OK then.. Enjoy the ice.."

    Dude: "Don't Leave me!!" wahmbulance

    Marley leaves..

    Bob runs..

    Dude: "Why whats the hurry man?"

    Bob: "Gotta Pee"

    Dude: "OK Good Luck.."

    Bob runs to the Comfort Room

    Person Inside The Cr: "Someone gimme tissue please!"

    Bob Pees..

    Bob: "Uhh...OK.."

    Bob Gives the tissue paper..

    Person: "Thanks..Your Name?"

    Bob: "Bob.."

    Person: "Thanks Bob.."

    Bob: "Yeah Sure.."

    the class goes for dismissal..

    everyone sleeps and The End..

    (please see part Two Next time..)