• Laila sat upon an Karakoram mountain as silent and still as an inadimate object. The suns hot rays beam down onto her head making her hazel eyes seem green as she gazes out into the vast icy tundra. A gush of wind whipped her jet black hair across her emotionless face. She turned around rapidly to find herself eye to eye with a young girl. With golden blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, a dainty slim face, skin as fine as porcelain, and a body structure of a doll, Laila was caused to sit in awe as she stared. “Hello” the young girl said. “My name is dungalah” she announced proudly. “ I have come to deliver a message of important pretenses” she stated. Laila’s expression suddenly turned into a look of confusion. “Who has sent you to complete this mission” Laila asked in a questionable manner. “The council” she replied looking directly into
    Laila’s eyes. “ They want to meet with you now” she said. “ I have no duty with the vampire council” she paused “ I shall not listen to an insolent little girl as yourself.”
    “ How dare you try to demean me in such a manner” Dungalah retorted screaming. “ I have come to do my job as a Vampire to help restore piece with the Cywoi and us” she stopped. “ Look at you Laila, staring out at once fallen beauty why don’t you contribute to help us end this war” Dungalah Preached. “ Because It is not my duty as a Vampire to restore balance to a fallen world” she argued. “Please laila, I beg of you to do our world pity and come with me” she professed. Dungalah gripped Laila’s arm firmly as she pleaded. “ Please” Dungalah pleaded as she started to get misty eyed. “I will come, but only under one circumstance” she paused “ I’m thirsty” Laila said grinning. Laila grabbed Dungalah by the hand pulling her in towards her. “ Ouch” dungalah screamed out as Laila’s fang entered her soft white neck. As the warm red blood entered Laila’s mouth she sucked even harder. Laila felt a quick pain in her head as she started to feel dizzy. She released Dungalah as she moved backwards swaying. “What is this” she asked softly covering her mouth. Dungalah started to smile as Laila suddenly fell over and hit the mountain floor.
    Edward looked around the room at all people filling the seats of his dining hall. The mahogany wood blended perfectly with a gold rimming making the dining hall quite beautiful. His eyes had met the end of the dining room when he caught a glimpse of a little girl with her neck covered in blood. ‘The same smell coming from the hall yesterday’ he thought silently to himself. “Darling is there something the matter” his wife Lucy whispered. “ No, I’m perfectly well” he paused “ thanks for your concern.” “ Would you please excuse me darling I have to use the John” he murmured. Edward stood up. Soon after did his colleagues and family granting him respect. He bowed then stepped away from the table. As he approached the long hallway the odor became stronger. He walked down the long hallway pacing himself to have of assurance nothing would take him by surprise. He passed his grand mirror rimmed with gold and squeaky clean. Though Edward was not capable of looking in the mirror he was exquisitely beautiful for such horrendous creature. He started to slow down as he was about to turn the corner when he heard foot steps from behind him. He stopped in his tracks standing still waiting for something he was unsure of what but something. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his neck. Everything became fuzzy as all the arguing and laughing from the dining room started to fade and a once very lighted hallway turned pitch black as his eyelids shut.
    “Violet, move” Natasha, violets mother, screamed. Violet turned around with an uneasy expression. A fast approaching light sped towards her. She took a deep breathe and sprung into the air as high as she could. Her leg and arms scrambled in the air as she tried to get more height. She soon lost momentum and she came crashing down landing on her back in a pile of hardening snow. There was no longer a light anymore,Dungalah had taken its place.
    “ Who are you” Violet yelled? “My name is Dungalah, I have come to deliver a message”
    the young girl answered. “A message” Violet questioned “ from who?” Violet got up wiping snow and ice from her jacket and face. “The council would like to meet with you” she responded. “ The council” she stopped making a confused face “what do they want with me?” Violet started to tred in the snow towards Dungalah. “To help restore peace to our world and the cywoi” she reported. “When do they want to see me” Violet asked. “Now” Dungalah ordered. Dungalah transformed into a bright light making a complete 180 degrees turn around Violet so she was standing directly behind her. Before Violet could turn around Dungalah had stabbed a number of pressure points with her frail fingers making Violet deeply sleep in a fetal position.
    “Flight 180 to the deck, we are starting the boarding process” spread throughout the airport in Los Angeles, California. David dashed toward the escalator holding his rolled up magazine. He sped down the isle and bumped in to a man holding hot steaming star-bucks and a box of folders and books. Soon the star-bucks was all over davids white shirt and the books that had fallen to the floor. David knelt down picking up all the papers and books and put them into the box quickly. When he looked up there was no longer a man standing there, but a little girl bawling hysterically. “Mama, Papa” she shouted as tears ran down her pink cheeks. David quickly got up putting the box of stuff on a chair beside him for the man that may come back. He took the little girl by the hand walked her to the phone booth. “What are your parents number” David asked warmly and kindly. She told him a false number. David turned to enter the number into the phone as something bit him in the neck. He felt dizzy he grabbed his neck and fell to the floor. Dungalah stared smiling at his limp body.