• Life is full of twists and turns. The obstacles that make life life. Retreat to the ones you love for safety, they wait with a love that is sweeter than chocolate, warmer than sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold winters night, better than anything in the world. Of course, thats my overview. My name is Cayla Smith, and this is my story of what love really is to me.

    Love is the strongest force on Earth. Stronger than the raging waterfalls, more hot than any burning flame. It is not a subject that is taken lightly. When all seems so bleak and you can't over come it by yourself, retreat to the ones who care. They have a shoulder to cry on, a heart that cares, and that embrace that changes everything. They are the ones who love you. Friends, family, and that one special person who always has your back.
    This is my definition of Love,and through my life it holds me close like a guardian angel. Especially since the upcoming events will change me a great amount...

    End of introduction