• Captain Dayanita walked in frount of the sailors. Today was the first day she had gotten a chance to sail the high seas as the captain of her own ship. "So how many of you think you can win a swords duel against me?" she asked in a serious tone. Many rough hands went up. The newfound captain laughed. "Really? You want a fight?" she chuckled. She pulled two swords from her sash, and walked up to a random sailor. "You armed?" she asked looking at her fingernails. The sailor pulled out a sword. "Figured." she said with a devilish smile. Their swords clashed. She twirled her weapon and her oponant's sword went flying into the bay. "Tsk. Tsk. You are quite unable to live abord this ship!" she said dodging a fist. A young girl raised her hand. "I'll duel you." she said, raising her hand. Captain Dayanita walked over to her. "Amazing! Really! How bold you are! Are you sure with such a pretty thing you are that you want to duel?" she laughed, pointing the sword at her. The young girl smiled, and pulled out a small sword. She started to twirling it in the air. 'She's trying to intimdate me!' the awed Captain thought. The swords clashed once again, the girl was fast with the dagger she hid in her sash. She came inches from stabing the captain, and smiled. The captain lowered her swords. "You are brilliant! May I have your name?" she asked in surprise. The young girl laughed and revealed her name, "Rina... Rina Windship."

    After long hours of chosing a crew and loading boxes of wine onto the ship, Isabella counted up the crew. She shook her head then said,
    "Welcome aboard the Nightengale! You have been chosen for your skills. From this sorry day on, you might never set foot on land once again!" she laughed. The crew laughed also. They knew they were going to go back home after a while.

    Isabella Dayanita had chosen some crazed people. A young boy about the same age as Isabella, joined. Rina Windship, now Swordsmaster Rina. Another young man now about Rina's age named Kau. He could kill in one fatal strike. Then there was a young child about 7 years old. His name was Navi. He was so young but he possesed such a strange talent of...