• It snowed today. I wonder why God would make something...something so pure, take it's leave from the Heavens to see this...awful place we call home. Walking to school today was...different. There was an aura about the people I passed that just seemed...out of place. Even school was different. The nerds didn't chatter about robots and electronics. The cheerleaders and popular kids just...walked without their clique...odd. Even people like me, the emos...the goths...the outcasts...no one spoke. What was wrong with everyone today? I tried not to pay much attention to it. Lunch came finally, it was quiet, still, almost gray in a way. The day dragged on and so did this depressed feeling. Finally the day ended, and it was time to go home. I gathered my things and scurried out the door. Walking home was the same thing. Depression...

    I turned on my year old Dell. Kinda old in my oppinion but still ran like new, and opened up MSN. My best friend Steve was on. He's the only person I think really...understands me.

    "Hey, Steve, you there?" I wrote to him. Two minutes went by, It felt like forever but at last he answered.

    "Hey Alissa, how was school? biggrin ". He asked.
    "It was so different today...I...I dunno what was wrong with everyone. There was some kind of depression with everyone." I replied.
    "Probably just some fad going around. My school is like that sometimes..don't worry about it." He said, trying to reassure me.
    "Well it was..." I said.
    "Hey Alissa can we talk about this later? Moms kinda hassling me at the moment." He said in a rush.
    "Sure...bye :l..". I said in a sigh.

    I didn't bother to wait for him to answer. Quickly, I turned off my Dell, and headed straight for my room. Mom was out. She works night shifts now a days, so Its just me home. Its scary sometimes but...you do what you have to...

    I laid on my bed for awhile, and thought. I loved Steve, but sometimes he didn't seem like he cared. I know he did...but...Its just abit hard for him to express it. Its alright. I countinued to lay there and think. Just then...There was a voice. A raspy one...

    "Its time...". Said the voice.

    All I saw was a shadow...

    I was knocked out.