• It's been two weeks since the "monster" first attacked the village. My brother just HAD to annoy the poor thing. It just wanted to be left alone, that much I could tell. When I first looked into its eyes I knew that I was hurting inside, it was depressed or something. I wanted to help it, go to it, stroke its scales and tell it that everything will be alright. But I couldn't, everyone was screaming and running away just because it looked different, terrifying. I was dragged away by my father, whom I was visiting for the holidays, and was forced to run away with everybody else. For the next few days I was haunted by the look that the creature had on its face, the pain in its eyes called out for help without words. After three days of this I decided that I needed to help the poor thing. Everybody else told me I was a fool and that I'd get eaten. I didn't care, I wanted to help it, protect it. Protect it because all the villagers were planning to come with me to kill it. So one night I ran out when everyone was asleep to find the creature. I didn't have to search long because it found a cave very close to the place where the villagers camped (our territory is known for our caves). Hours later, I found myself soothing it, telling it that I would protect it from the cruel world. It bowed its head in understanding and made a motion confirming that it would the same for me. That night I noticed, for the first time, that it had a star shape on its cheek. I touched it with the tips of my fingers and suddenly, there was a strange tingling throughout my body. And then I saw the poor creature's life play out in my mind. Some parts of the creature's life made me cry. I hugged the creature, now understanding its sadness and grief.
    So here I am, friends with a "monster", trying to convince the world that if it is dangerous then why hasn't it killed me yet?