• my name is kaitlyn
    i was born in june
    my mom died when i was 11
    it bothers me to this day
    i finished my last year at serms at 12
    i longed to go to eastern but alas i had to go to the home of the tigers
    i left all my friends and said my last farewell
    my dad got remarried
    i have 3brothers and 2 sisters and a new mom
    when i moved i never thought to see any of my friends again but i did her name is cheyanne
    then we started a new church..FPHC..i met alot of new people and i made alot of friends
    their names are darla,alyssia,cj,and ashley kurtis and ian
    but one inpertcular became more than a friend to me his name is dylan
    he means the world to me and i want him to know at times but im afarid of what he will say or think
    i started 9th grade this year its hell but i love it...seinors try to push me around includeing my brother but he cant do it he is such a nerd haha and dork.. none of them mess with me cause i will fight back i dont give up i keep moving forward
    one thing to know dont mess with my friends if your my friend you know that but mess with them you mess with me and i dont like to be messed with..not a threat just saying