• The unusual thought penetrated the deep depths of her mind. 'Go to the village.', it said. Her body started to move in that direction, but she stopped herself from doing the forced action. "No! I won't let you control my mind!", she screamed determinedly. 'Go! Go!', the voice rang in her head, bring great pain. The young girl yelped at the paing but still resisting the mind-controller. "LET. GO. OF MY. MIND!" Power surged thruogh her body and to her head. 'Noo!!' the voice shouted. 'I'll gain your power soon enough!' The pain stopped. The girl sighed a sigh of relief and colasped dizzily onto the ground.

    "Is she alive?" a masculine voice asked. "Yes. She was just dehydrated. She'll be able to leave tonight when she wakes up." a feminine voice replied.

    She was poked in the back. "Dawn, Dawn? You awake?" a boy asked. She groaned as she sat up. "Augh. I am now." she said. The boy turned on a lamp. "Oh thank goodness! Your face isn't messed up!" he cried, seeming relieved. Dawn had a look of surprise with her eyebrow raised. "Umm excuse me, but what in the world are you talking about Sky?" she asked cautiously. Sky shuffled around. "I felt the thought hurt you. And I felt the power going through to you head! So I 'asumed' it would have messed up your face. Beacuse honestly, if it really wanted to ruin your life, it would do so. I wouldn't want to be friends with a girl who's face is messed up!" he replied very quickly. Dawn still had the look on her face. 'Err. Nice save.' she thought as Sky thought,'I hope that worked!' Dawn sat up even higher. "Sky? How come I can read your mind?" she asked, worried. The color of Sky's cheeks drained to snow white. "Umm... Sky? Are you ok?" she asked again. 'I am certainly NOT ok!' his mind screamed. He promtly left the hospital and stood outside for a moment.
    Dawn cringed at the sound. Then Sky walked back into the hospital and into the room the worried girl was staying in. "Now I'm better. Are you sure-" He was cut off by Dawn. "Hah! You know better than to ask me if I'm sure!" She said waving a finger in the air. Sky sighed dramaticly. "Ok. So you can. But seriously?" Dawn replied quickly. "Yes! I'm am serious! I heard you think 'I hope that worked!'"

    "Well than, let me think this since you will find out soon enough." he said aloud. He tilted his head and thought,'I- I- I love you.' Dawn had a sweet smile on her face. "I love you too. Why didn't you tell me sooner? Err. Never mind." she said quietly, she could feel her heart rate rising. Sky leaned in so as Dawn, but before anything, "You can go home now!" a nurse's voice sang miscivious smile.

    Dawn climbed out of bed and went to the nurse. "What do you have, a camera in my room?" she cried at the top of her whispering voice. The nurse laughed. "Nope. Your heart rate is back to normal and had gotten high for a moment." she replied, laughing as she walked out the door.

    Dawn looked down at her hospital dress. Sky pulled out a bag with her clothes in it. "I thought you would might need this." he said bringing the bag of clothes to her. Dawn looked up and smiled. "Thanks." She grabbed the bag and went behind the sceen. "No peeking!" she laughed playfully. Sky laughed and said "I won't." Dawn came out from behind the screen. "Perfect!" she said, slapping the blue jeans she had on. She walked over to Sky. "Come on. I know my dad's waiting." she whispered as she held out her hand and and pulled up Sky.