• CP. 2
    I did not speak a single word to anyone, not even to my teachers who loved me as a student. All I wished was for school to end I could go home and sit a corner of my room and weep away my sadness. By the time lunch had rolled around, I moved around the school like a zombie, moving sluggishly.
    “Are you okay?” People asked walking by. They looked worried, that was something new.
    The red tiles I was so familiar with seemed duller than normal. The lunchroom like always was bustling with hungry teens like me, who just wanted something they could shove down their throats. It was quite a weird site to witness. I wanted some pizza, and fast; my stomach was going to go on a wild rampage soon.
    Justin Holfman’s table like always was stuffed full of all the yuppies in our grade. Their expensive Old Navy shirts were pressed, and not one thing looked out of the norm. They began to gossip about everything, anything. I heard being my name being ‘discussed’ and I jumped into action.
    “Everyone knows about Avi being a vampire hunter, right?” Justin asked. They all nodded at the same time.
    My fists began to ball up, ready to beat the crap out of all of them at any given moment.
    “Well it seems the recent ‘bloodbath’ has even left her boyfriend in awe and wonder.” Justin continued.
    “She hasn’t figured out who the culprit is?” Someone else at the table asked.
    “No, “Justin answered, “The police haven’t released any of the details yet. Once they do though, everything should fall into place.
    I shivered at the thought. The group’s conversing continued until someone had stood up. The rest of the party soon followed pursuit. I softly sighed and leapt into the lunch line ahead of them.
    I came out of the line with my food and sat down at my spot. The ‘crowd’ sat down not too long afterwards and chewed down upon their food like it was candy to a child.
    I did not really care though. The pizza in front of me was so tempting.
    “Hey, what did I miss?” My buddy Paul asked quietly sitting down at his usual spot.
    “Nothing much if you consider Grey and me almost ripping each other’s heads off.” I shrugged.
    Paul was Hispanic with blue eyes. He was quite fit for being a human, something that was quite rare in these parts of the state. His normal outfits were composed of gear you’d find an emo- cowboy-rocker wearing that is if you believe they really exist. Paul was a true friend though; he helped me through the toughest, darkest, days when Jake had died. I never really paid him back yet for it.
    “Gracie told me about that. She thinks you two are going to ‘split’ soon.” Paul mumbled.
    I quietly shook my head, “Not in a thousand years. We might have been close but, we get through it.”
    Paul looked very sad.
    “I found out who did the crime.” Paul said, switching the topic. He quietly held out his old, ancient mythology book his very great grandfather published long ago and began to flip through its frayed pages. The book was flipped almost to the middle when Paul stopped it.
    “Here” He pointed to it.
    I almost gasped from it. How could I have been so stupid?
    “A werewolf?” I managed to choke out. The picture that was illustrated for the book made the creature look so demonic. It had red eyes and its fur was all mangy.
    “There were claw marks found all over the body, the victim’s torso was ripped to shreds as if they were trying to escape.” Paul reasoned.
    “I saw that from earlier.” I said. It all seemed to click.
    “When Grey sees this, he’ll feel somewhat panicked but, we know what the next step is; to find the culprit. This won’t be too bad of a job.” Paul grinned.
    We gave him earlier in the year the nickname Dare Devil because of his daring ways of solving a crime. He was able to figure out almost anything we couldn’t.
    “Well look here.” Gracie giggled, sitting down. She apparently had put her red curly hair up in a pony tail.
    “Paul did it again.” I said, showing her the book page.
    Gracie grinned, “Goodie.”
    I began to feel something dwindling in the air. Something not welcomed.
    “So have you two compromised yet?” Gracie asked.
    “No.” I replied. The room began to feel warm. I just brushed it off though; I was probably ‘sensing’ something that was outside.
    You could see Grey emerging from the lunch line now, with a huge piece of pizza on his Styrofoam tray. He looked somewhat stressed out, I could not blame him.
    “Here comes your man.” Gracie whispered preparing herself for the future argument Grey and I would be soon to offer.
    The heat I felt before evolved into pain. I squirmed around in my chair trying to break free of it, I couldn’t do it though.
    “What’s up?” Paul asked. He looked worried.
    “Something isn’t right.” I coughed, spitting out blood from my mouth.
    Grey saw this and ran over. His hazel eyes morphed into a dull blue.
    “Avi are you-“
    There was the culprit of my pain. It was a demon, a full breed. Its red eyes glowed, the once human features it had were now replaced with mostly beast. The top of its skull was sawn off, it was because they did not need to think anymore, they were told to do something, and they did it.
    I gritted my teeth and leapt out of my chair, the demon was in a full pursuit. Not too long afterwards it caught up with me and sent me flying across the room.
    “Grey!” I screamed, trying to regain my balance before I hit the wall of the lunchroom. People were evacuating the room, I guess they didn’t want to see their possible future fate end the same way mine was. I hit hard but, of course did not leave even a scratch on the wall. The ground was the next thing I would smack into which, did not cause as much pain as I had expected.
    “Paul hit its side, now!” Gracie shouted. I could not tell from where though. I began to stand back up on my two feet when I fell back down to the ground, screaming in great pain. I broke a rib; I felt it jab into my side. Lifting my shirt up a little bit revealed the place where the bone had broken through the skin. It was unbelievable.
    Grey was at my side now, ripping off the demon who wanted me dead.
    “You’re dead.” I said to the demon as I focused. I stood up completely and brought forth my Vampire Fang. It began to glow brightly; its blue blade was ready to fight.
    “No.” The demon hissed in hell babble. I smiled.
    Revenge at last.
    The demon knew what I was about to do. It didn’t want it to happen. Fleeing it began.
    “Oh please.” I chuckled, swinging the blade in its direction.
    The blade pinned the demon to a wall across the room. It was squealing like a pig.
    “Stand back.” I said to the others as I drew closer in.
    “You’re going to burn in hell!” The demon babbled.
    “How so?” I asked. This conversation I predicted wasn’t going to go very far.
    “One of your buddies should tell you.”
    I sighed, “Oh really? I just think you’re lying to me right now.”
    The demon frantically shook its head, “I swear this is the truth.”
    I laughed, “Right.”
    It shook its head even more, “I’m serious!”
    I took the blade and whammed it into the demon’s middle. It gasped and began to disintegrate.
    “Good riddance.” Grey said, yawning. He was hiding something, I could tell by the color of his eyes. I could not ask him anything though as I fell back to the ground, my broken rib was hurting again. I closed my eyes and blacked out.
    I began to think on what the demon had said and if it was true. Was this all just a dream? If I did wake up would I be in the lunchroom still chatting with my friends?
    Only time would tell me that.