• Blood trickled down the walls slowly. Another death in Whitehall has taken place, this time though the culprit would not be caught. Why you might ask? This murder was not done by a human; not even by us, hungry vampires. This killer can disguise itself as a human during the day, but at night it transforms into animal wanting blood. This thing came and almost wiped out everything I had dearly loved even; I was almost terminated by this creature. A werewolf was this beast I would soon be well acquainted with, even if it would kill me.
    “Mid- term’s coming around the corner.” My friend Gracie said, trotting through the brightly lit hallways of the middle school.
    I shrugged, “I’m not too freaked out by this. Hey, maybe we’ll be lucky and we won’t have to deal with any weird ‘things’ now since we have cleaned up the mess with Sabrina’s cult/ tribe.”
    We had killed Sabrina only a month ago and people still couldn’t stop speaking about it even though the teachers told them to silence.
    “Do you think Buddy is still angry at you?” Gracie asked twirling her red, curly, hair.
    I froze. The slayings were only also a month ago, as a form of rebellion against Sabrina’s rule. Buddy became my ‘go to’ man when the going got tough. When his dog was accidently killed by Grey in our final battle against Sabrina, he vowed revenge. I was pretty sure he had some fuses still blown from it.
    “I’m not really sure about it.” I lied glancing around for anything to distract me from thinking about Buddy and our past relationship that went horribly sour. In those past times before it did, we had made a deal with Buddy and his cult/ tribe that if gave us the ‘scoop’ on anything going on with the ‘others’, we would leave him alone. That went down south though. My mind was going a thousand miles an hour it seemed, I kept jumping to different points in my eight grade year.
    “Don’t think too much about it.” Gracie cut in. She noticed me with my famous, ‘worried’ look.
    I sighed and took in a deep breath and made a good attempt to relax, which failed horribly. My hazel eyes felt like they would burst into tears. I shook my head and quietly welcomed myself back into reality. I shivered from the ice-cold wind blowing in from outside and decided to head to my locker.
    “Did you get your steaks refurbished?” I asked, cracking my knuckles to relieve some of my stress.
    Gracie grinned, “Well duh! I was even able to get some new carbon ones done from my dad’s shop this weekend.”
    I turned around to reply when Grey stumbled in from outside. His ragged coat hung down from his shoulders and his hazel eyes were half closed. Apparently, he stayed up all night to study for the Algebra test he had to take this morning. In a matrix- like move, I pounced onto Grey, squeezing him with all my might.
    “Hey where have you been?” He softly asked.
    I let go and answered, “I had some family issues.” My mum and pop were butting heads yet again so, I had decided the night before to ‘live’ with Gracie until everything had cleared up a little bit.
    “Oh, I see.” He replied, walking to his locker.
    Gracie followed not too far behind, gathering dirty looks from certain ‘people’ as we walked by.
    Grey popped open his locker and papers flew out everywhere. “Whoops.” He blushed. I quickly helped him pick everything back up and crammed it in. Grey chucked his boots off and grabbed his Algebra gear.
    “Did you guys happen to hear about the murder that occurred last night?” Gracie asked her colorful face became a ghostly white.
    “Yeah, the news people said that the police couldn’t even tell if the corpse was even human or not at first.” Grey stuttered.
    I shivered once more and tried to clear the images out of my head.
    “Well,” I stammered clearing my throat, “we know it cannot be vampires. They would have left the scene a little bit tidier than what our culprit did. We should check up with Paul ASAP.”
    Grey quickly changed the subject, “Avi, you know SPY isn’t going to hold up much longer with almost half of the team heading to the high school next year, right?”
    I quietly shook my head, “I know. This issue has been brought up before. I am very sure though you guys can hold the ‘fort’ over there.”
    Grey shook his head in disagreement, “You don’t get it, do you?”
    “What do you mean?” I asked.
    Gracie began to step back, knowing that an argument was about to begin.
    “We will all be too occupied though; we wouldn’t be able to get anything done. It would be too crazy.”
    I growled at his statement, “How would you know? None of us have even gone to high school yet.”
    “I’ve seen it there. It will be too much.”
    “Grey, how could you say this?” I asked. I wanted to hit him hard in the face.
    “Look, Spy I know is super important to all of us here but, if we are going to keep running into people like Sabrina, we must stop before it gets too crazy.” He stated.
    I frowned and bit my lip, drawing blood.
    “You need time to digest this.” He said, closing his locker and walking away.
    “Don’t worry about him, he’ll be fine.” Gracie said walking the other way.
    I did my best to not let the issue bother me. I could not handle the thought though. This ‘project’ I promised my fellow class mates would never end, not until we were all wiped out. With no doubt though, the end was drawing close either way. I dragged over to my locker and grabbed my gear and took off to class early. I wrote down my recent conversation in my journal, just in case. I didn’t feel like socializing with anyone. I felt alone.