• My name is... Oh, never mind. Truth to be told, I cannot remember. After being in that prision camp for about fifteen years, for which I solomly swear I was arrested for a crime I did not commit, they called me C:178931. I write on this somewhat scraggy old piece of parchment and a ballpoint pen I just happen to have found lying around outside this mysterious deserted council house which just happens to be in the middle of no-where. What luck I have recieved these past few years until now- I cannot remember how long it's been since I arrived here. Anyways, I haven't had any luck at all. I suspect you're wanting to learn of my sad story? Well here goes...

    Oh the pleasures of having a home, education and a lover. On that happy begining you would have thought my future was simple, a job, home, husband and kids, simple, yes? Nope! My boyfriend was a wonderful kind of guy. A pretty face, very charming and you wouldn't have suspected for the world what he was up to... Never you mind that now! Otherwise it would mean the end of the story! Let's continue.

    On this paticular date, which obviously I cannot remember, my boyfriend promised to take me on a date to this seriously posh restaraunt. I asked him how on earth he could afford it, but he said his parents where willing to pay for it. (This however, seemed rather unusual). I just smiled and we where on our way. The service and the meal was fantastic, my boyfriend kept on stairing into my eyes, he wanted something. After the meal he told me to follow him.
    (I didn't know this place very well, and I trusted him. For all I know he could have done something really bad). I followed him into an alley.
    "What do you want from me?" I asked.
    "I want you to keep on following me" He replied.
    I was confused, it was a dead end. I was wrong. There was a stair way at the end of the alleyway, clearly only ment for certain people. At the bottom there was a big large door, painted the same colour as the wall- clear sign of camoflage. 'this seems odd' I thought to myself. My boyfriend opened the door, only to reveal a dark passage way.
    "Why are you taking me down there?" I was truly concerned.
    "You will see! You do trust me, don't you?" His eyes were like flames.
    "Of course I trust you..." I was a little less on the edge.

    At the end of the dark passage way there was a small, tiny light, and, you guessed, another camoflaged door. He opened it and ushered me in. I adjusted my eyes a little and I saw a large dim-lighted room, and at the end was another door. My boyfriend shut the door we newely walked through, then he locked and barred it!
    "What are you doing?!" I bellowed
    "Just to be on the safe side," He said, "I don't want anybody following us"
    He then told me to close my eyes and he would take me through the other door.

    Once, again he locked and barred the door. But this room was different. It was smaller and contained piles apon piles of bricks of SOLID GOLD!
    "Where did you get all this?" I thought he had stolen it or something.
    "It's Dad's, he tells me to look after it- show it to no one, but he said I could share it with you..."
    He was clearly lying- but in my heart I just wouldn't believe it.

    The next day we returned to our special room, but this time the police where inside it. I was bewildered. One of the men tried to cuff me.
    "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" I screamed at him.
    "Are you the owner of all this gold?" He asked.
    "NO!" I replied.
    "This man reported that you stole all of these bricks of gold and hidden them here for over three years" He pointed to my boyfriend and he just shrugged
    "Please, help me!" I shouted over to my boyfriend.
    All he could mumble was:
    "I'm sorry" sarcastically.

    Two weeks later they found me guilty of possesing stolen goods and I was sent to the prision camp under the name of C:178931. I eventually escaped after atleast sixteen attemps. I found this old house and stayed ever since.

    I'll never forget him and the cruel life he gave me. In a way I feel sorry for him, he was unable to stick it out for himself, he blamed another. I do not know if he ever faced justice, and If he did, I wouldn't have been released anyway.
    The End

    MESSAGE TO THE READER FROM THE WRITER: I suppose you regret ever reading this story, and do not worry, it isn't real, I made it up for myself, I didn't copy any of it from other stories, nor did I get ideas from anywhere, I just made it up as I went along. It's easy really.