• Chocolate Addiction
    I was only 14 when I found my first piece of chocolate, It was
    milk chocolate. It looked kinda creamy with a strawberry tipped
    icing. I smelt it, it smelt like strawberry cream pie with a bit of
    banana and a little bit of a sweet smell kinda like a berry dessert
    or maybe a pudding, as I put the delicate piece of treat in my
    mouth it made me have a spine tingling feeling, it, it was good.
    As soon as I tasted this dreamy piece of berry chocolate I had
    a frenzy, a type of frenzy which you just want MORE.
    Delectable, sweet, candy-dreamed chocolate made me addicted.
    How can such a cheap and sugar-tooth-rotting goodness
    taste so divine? So lovely, and dreamy? It was my first, my
    not-last piece of chocolate. I can only say ever since then, I
    always ate the chocolate first when I bought a BIG box
    of that addicting, delicate, creamy, and exquisite piece of
    I-Candy piece of candy. Please get me more of this divine bite
    sized desserts!