• Leap of Faith

    Destiny Lopez, a senior in H.S who gets ridiculed all since she has started school. All this has followed her all her life, but when she has another bad day at school she decides enough is enough and wants to commit suicide. Just as she is about to jump off the roof of a building she is stopped by a mysterious boy named Mason. Who helps changes her life

    Scene 1:
    (Lights up on Destiny walking into cafeteria)

    Destiny thinks to her self: finally its lunch! I hope-
    (Destiny is suddenly tripped by one of the girls in her lunch room. She falls into the garbage can and food is spilled all over her as everyone laughs.)

    Girl: ha-ha, that never gets old (talking to others around her) you'd think that after three years she would see it coming and get a clue.

    (Destiny gets up and runs out of the lunch and into the street. She runs down the street and into an abandoned building. She runs up the stairs to the roof.)

    Destiny: All the years all, the bruises, and all the pain I went through. I sacrificed it to continue my education. (She looks up at the skies) You! You let all this happen, you let the pain excel. Don't you love me! I thought you would care for each of your creations. I have given you nothing but love and obeyed every commandment and rule but you have yet to show me that you care. You relish in you undying fame leaving to fall in the cracks. All these years I have dealt with the pain but how can people tell me that it's all going to be ok when in the end you are NEVER really there? Well here I am ready to take my jump (Walks up on the ledge) and I bet you still won't care!

    (Destiny closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and just as she is about to jump but a voice startles hers.)

    Mason: Are you sure you wanna do that?

    Destiny sad Startled) What! Who are you! Leave me alone!

    (Mason takes a step forward)

    Destiny: Don't come closer, I'll jump.

    Mason: Ok, listen I know it's none of my business but why jump.

    Destiny: What! I don't even know you! Why do the hell do you care anyways!

    Mason: Well no one jumps for nothing and I overheard what you where saying.

    Destiny: Its personal (looks down) why do you care?

    (Mason takes a step forward very slowly)

    Mason: Well it must but be pretty awful to make you wanna jump.

    Destiny: What?

    (Mason slowly reaches his hand out)

    Mason: Come on take my hand, we can talk about this.

    (Destiny slowly puts out her hand. Mason graves her hand and pulls her off the ledge)

    Mason: So tell me, please why did you wanna jump?

    Destiny: Well it's complicated.

    Mason: How so?

    Destiny: ok, well for years I was made fun of. Always the target of ridicule, the girl who gets beat up for no reason.

    Mason: Is that how you got that cut? Where you hit or something?

    Destiny: Yes, I got hurt in school.
    Mason: Well doesn't anyone do anything? I mean what about the school or your parents?

    Destiny: Well one time I got in trouble for hitting one of the other girls after she pushed me down the steps and soon after that the school doesn't believe me when I tell them.

    Mason: wow that’s messed up.

    Destiny: Also on top of that I have a deadbeat dad and an alcoholic mom. It's sad to say that I have no one to help me.

    Mason: well I may not know you but I am here for you. I don't want you to kill yourself over some ridicule. It's not worth it cause in the end if you kill yourself the you show them that they win and don't be ashamed of your parents, my mom passed away when I was young and my dad is too busy to pay any attention to me.

    Destiny: ok, wait a minute. Who are you? What's your name? Where did you come from? Why did you stop me I mean I don't even know you? I don't understand any of this.

    Mason: ok. My name is Mason Sterling. I don't live too far from here. I don't go to school, I am homeschooled. I like the sky so I come up here to think and clear my head after a long day. I stopped you because I like to help people and I can't stand there and let someone hurt themselves and why do you hate (points up) you know who? He doesn't hate you ya know. He's just giving you obstacles in life to make you stronger for the real hard things in life that you haven't reached yet.

    Destiny: Well I'm Destiny Lopez, I am a senior in high school and I don't live too far from here either. So your homeschooled, hmm that’s cool and you know what your right, I never really looked at it that way. I mean yeah I sometimes wanna hate him (points up) but maybe your right. I guess I just have to be stronger than ever and face all the bullies in my school. It's just that I have gone through it for so long I never figured out how to deal with it and jumping off the roof of this building was my last result.

    Mason: Well now you have a clearer view about it.

    (She smiles)

    Destiny: So it must be cool to be homeschooled. It must be fun to not have H.W and quizzes. (Laughs)

    Mason: So shouldn't you be in school right now?

    Destiny: Well…I ran out of the school after an ugly incident happened in the cafeteria. Is this girl, who keeps bothering me, she goes around school bulling me with her posse of zombie followers.

    Mason: Well if she does it again, just ignore her and if she continues then stand up for self. You have courage, be strong, open you mouth and give her a taste of her own medicine, but remember be tasteful. We don't want you to lash out on her and push her down some steps, even if she does deserve it.

    (Destiny glances at her watch)
    Destiny: I should be leaving, the school probably called home.

    Mason: Ok, if don't mind can I walk you home? I would feel much better knowing you got home safe.

    Destiny: (Smiles) ok, glad someone cares.

    (Destiny and Mason leave the building and walk to Destiny's building that is not to far from the abandoned one. They arrive at the building)

    Destiny: Thanks, I guess I'll see you around.

    Mason: Yeah I hope so too.

    Destiny: Thanks for the talk, you opened my eyes and showed me a lot.

    Mason: I hope I do see you again. Hopefully you're not on the edge of a building when I do see you again.

    (Destiny chuckles)

    Destiny: No more rooftops for me unless it's just for a view.

    Mason: Well just think on what I said. Don't let them get to you.
    (Mason hugs Destiny.) Be strong, no one is worth killing your self for.

    (Destiny smiles and then walks up the front the steps of her building. Mason watches her go in then walks to the end of the block and disappears into thin air.)

    8months pass.
    Destiny goes from the dork of the school to the most adored girl ever known.
    Its there senior prom and Mason is her date, her mom who just recovered from being an alcoholic is helping Destiny and her new Lana B.F.F get ready.

    Scene 2:

    Destiny: Hurry up Lana the limousine is waiting.

    Lana: I'm coming!

    Mom: Let's go, your going to miss your prom.

    (Lana and Destiny step out of the building. Lana is wearing a long pink dress with matching shawl and purse. Destiny is wearing a white gown with straps that criss cross in the back with a matching purse and shawl as well. Lana runs to her date as Destiny stands and watches Mason walk over to her)

    Mason: Wow! You look beautiful.

    Destiny: Really? Wow thanks.

    Mason: Come on you'll be late.

    (Mason graves Destiny's hand and walks over to the limousine. They arrive at the prom.)

    Destiny: I'm so nervous.

    Mason: No need to be.

    (Mason hugs her and softly kisses her)

    Lana: Aww, don't worry I mean your has turned around a lot so there's no need to be nervous, plus we all know your gonna win Prom Queen.

    Mason: Come on, let's go inside.

    (They all go inside and all eyes are on Destiny as she walks in. She grabs Mason's hand as they walk in. Mason turns towards Destiny.)

    Mason: Dance with me

    (A slow romantic song is playing. He holds her close as they dance and whispers into her ear.)

    Mason: I am so proud of you; you finally got use to your own self. You've accepted yourself for who you are. You overcame all the ridicule and ignored what people said. You didn't let them get the best of you. Your mom got sober, you made a new friend who is now your B.F.F and now here you are dancing with me at your senior prom as a nomination for prom queen getting ready for graduation. I am so proud of you, over the last 8 months you have change immensely. You taught yourself to not care what people think of you. You have so much confidence and are a great individual. What more can I say, you have bloomed into a beautiful rose.

    (Destiny then stops dancing and looks into Mason's eyes)

    Destiny: Well I probably would not have survived if it weren't for you. I mean you’re the one who stopped me from committing suicide. You opened up my eyes to the finer things in life. You’re the bright light at the end of my dark tunnel that I have been waiting for. You showed me one real thing in life that day on the roof. The courage is something I should never be afraid of. When no one wanted to give me a chance you were there to lend a helping had. God has truly blessed me.

    (Mason smiles. The principal interrupts music and speaks into the mic.)

    Principal Bookman: Good evening students and welcome to your senior prom! I am happy to say that the results for prom King and Queen are in.
    (Students cheer)

    Principal Bookman: Now settle down. Will the candidates kindly take the stage please? Ok now that we have our candidate on the stage lets announce the winners. Your prom King is Carlos Concepcion and now for your prom Queen. It was a close race but the winner is-

    (Destiny takes a deep breath and everything she went through over the last 8months flashes before her eyes)

    Principal Bookman: Destiny Lopez!

    (Everyone cheers)

    Destiny: Me! Wow thanks so much!

    (Principal Bookman places crown on Destiny's head)

    Principal Bookman: Now its time for our prom King and Queen to have there dance.

    (Carlos walks over to Destiny and hold out his hand. Destiny looks over at Mason who is nodding in agreement smilingly. Destiny takes Carlos' hand.)

    Carlos: May I have this dance?

    Destiny: Sure

    Carlos: Your name is Destiny right, Destiny Lopez?

    Destiny: Yes that correct and you're Carlos Concepcion.

    Carlos: I've seen you around but I don't seem to remember.

    Destiny: Well we had math together. Don't you remember the chalkboard incident?

    Carlos: Oh yeah! Wait! That was you?

    Destiny: Yeah

    Carlos: Well that’s all in the past now so who cares. You know I never really noticed how beautiful you are.

    (Destiny smiles and blushes)

    Destiny: Me? Wow thanks

    Carlos: So, you date it he like your-

    (Destiny cuts him off)

    Destiny: bf? No but I would say he's close to it.

    Carlos: (Discouraged) Oh

    (The song ends and everyone applauds. Carlos and Destiny embrace and they each walk back over to there date.)

    Mason: Congratulations

    Lana: You go girl! I told you so!

    Destiny: Thanks

    (4hours later)

    Destiny: We should head home, Lana need a ride?

    Lana: no I think I'm going to stay a little longer. See ya tomorrow bestie.

    Destiny: Ok be safe
    (They hug. Destiny and Mason leave the party and soon arrive at her building.)

    Mason: Well I hope u had a good time.

    Destiny: Are you kidding! It was wonderful.
    (Mason smiles and graves her hand)

    Destiny: So I'll see you tomorrow, same place?
    Mason: Yeah, if I'm not there then I should be home.

    Destiny: Ok
    (They embrace and kiss. Destiny enters her building and Mason walks down the street and disappears)


    (Destiny enter the roof)

    Destiny: Hello? Mason, you here? Hmm he must be home then.

    (Destiny walks to Mason's house and knocks. A woman answers, she is old and you can tell she was crying)

    Destiny: Um hi my name is Destiny Lopez and I am looking for Mason, Mason Sterling. Is he here?

    Woman: (Puzzled) Destiny right? Please come in.

    (Woman leads destiny into the house into another room.)

    Woman: Please have a seat.

    (Destiny slowly sits down and looks around. Women takes a deep breath.)

    Woman: I don't know how to tell you this but (pause) he's past away.

    Destiny: What!? How! No, when did this happen?

    Women: 2 years ago yesterday. He got beaten up by some bullies on school and when no believed him he (Pause) he was just tired of all the ridicule (sobbing) so he killed himself. He jumped off that building right over there

    (She points to the same building where Destiny first met Mason and the same building she almost killed herself on.)

    Destiny: (Crying) OMG No! Why! (Pause) Wait I must have the wrong house, Mason told me that his mom died a couple years ago.

    Women: Yes she did, I was his foster mother for sum years until his dad was able to gain custody over him.

    Destiny: Do you have a picture of him I can have?

    (She reaches into a chest on a table near by and pulls out a picture.)

    Women: Here you go.

    (Destiny reaches over and takes the picture)

    Destiny: Thanks.

    (She starts to leave but stops)

    Destiny: Where is his grave?

    Women: We didn't bury him, he always liked that rooftop before he you know, so we had him cremated and spread his ashes at the top of that same rooftop. I believe that his spirit still lingers there, he had such a good heart, and he would help anyone.

    Destiny: Thank you. (Softly) I should be going, thank you again.

    (Destiny gets up and leaves. As she is walking she is crying. She walks back to the abandoned building and up to the rooftop.)

    Destiny: You taught me everything anyone can learn in life. You opened my eyes and made me think things through. You taught me how to love. You brightened up my life with your words of comfort and concern but that I know the truth I don't know if I can do it alone again. I need you here with me to help me get through those tough days when I am alone. Now I know you may not be alive but you're as real as my skull and you do exist. Our time together will forever be something I will cherish but I wish you where here right now so I can tell you how I feel; that I have fallen for you Mason Sterling and will always remember our last kiss.

    (Suddenly he appears behind her.)

    Mason: Destiny!
    (Destiny runs to him and hugs him tightly)

    Mason: Destiny I am here but not for long. (He caresses her cheek)

    Destiny: Why didn't you tell me?

    Mason: My spirit lingers here since my death and when I passed I promised my self that I didn't want to leave and go with him (Points up) till I helped someone like me. The thing is Destiny; I never thought that someone like you would come up on to the very same rooftop with the same problems as me and that I would fall for them.

    Destiny: What!? Mason I wish it where all different and that it didn't have to be like this.

    Mason: Neither do I. Listen, I want you to be happy. You can live on without me

    Destiny: No-

    Mason: Listen, please (He holds her hands in his) you have a full life ahead of you. I want you to take this. (He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring.)

    Destiny: (With tears in her eyes) Forget me not's! (She looks at the ring and then takes off a necklace she has around her neck with a locket attached to it. She puts it on him. Then he put the ring on her.) A promise to never forget me, it’s a locket. You can put what ever you want inside.

    Mason: I know just what I want (instantly a picture or Destiny appears in the locket.) Thank you, I could never forget you but now I must go.

    Destiny: No! (Crying) I love you! Please don't go!

    (Mason holds her tightly)

    Mason: Spiritually I will never leave you. I will guard you and guide you. I am your guardian angel.

    (Mason kisses Destiny softly then hugs her one last time. Destiny then closes her eyes and looks down as Mason let's go and walks back. Destiny looks up and Mason is gone.)

    The end

    From that day forward Destiny never let anyone get in her way. She kept her head high and went on to be an amazing artist. One year while flying over seas to England the plane crashed, she was one of few who survived. When asked what she thinks saved her life by a local new station she kissed her ring she had on and looked up to the sky's and said: "I guess someone's watching over me. I have a guardian angel!"