• Tyler Woods Journal Entry #7
    March 19, 2010

    tab Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everything just went...right? If you hadn't insulted that person, if you hadn't broken up with your girlfriend, if your parents didn't get a divorce, if you gave money to that poor beggar down the street...how would your life change?
    tab I wondered these things as I walked home. Alone. So quick did I obtain those friendships, and just as quick, those friends disappeared.
    tab That's how you can tell if you have real friends, or a bunch of phonies. Where are they when you need them the most? Are they right beside you? Or have they disappeared, afraid to face those problems with you?
    tab It's hard to describe what happened next. Moments of my short life began flashing through my head. Me stabbing Jacob, Mr. Woods shouting at me, Jacob trying to stab me with his pocket knife...
    tab My "friends" walking away...
    tab I watched the other kids in the neighborhood walk in groups, talking and laughing. I wondered what made me so different. Why didn't I have someone to crack jokes with, to make me happy? What made everyone else so special? No...
    tab ...What made me special?
    tab I stopped, puffing quick and sudden breaths, my teeth gritted against eachother. I could feel my anger begin to boil, but it wasn't just anger. Something was surging in my head...A constant pounding...
    tab The memories flashed through me again, but faster and faster...
    tab ...Pounding harder and harder...
    tab I thrusted my hands onto my head, and fell to my knees, throbbing in pain, gasping heavily just for a breath of air. The memories kept coming, over and over again.
    tab I stabbed Jacob.
    tab Mr. Woods shouted at me.
    tab Jacob tried to stab me.
    tab My friends walked away.
    tab Until suddenly, they all stopped, and just a voice. An unfamiliar voice.
    tab "Hello, Tyler. You're just starting to act more human every day, aren't you?"

    tab "Where...am I?" Even now, I can't really describe it. Pitch blackness, but flickers of my memory passing by every so often.
    tab My...memory? I was seeing my...memory?
    tab I attempted to get up, but found out that I couldn't. I was already up. Literally.
    tab I was floating. No, I found out, I wasn't floating. I looked at my hands, my shirt, but they weren't there. But that didn't make sense...did it?
    tab "Well, technically speaking, you're collapsed in the middle of your street," a voice boomed. But nothing else except the blinking of my own memory could be seen. "But you and I, our voices at least, are drifting in your memory."
    tab "Drifting...in my memory?" I snickered. "That's just stupid."
    tab "Mr. Logical here, I see," the voice responded. "How about you explain where else we're right now then? Hm?"
    tab "That's obvious," I quickly responded. "I'm in a dream."
    tab "It's never a dream when you think it is." I snorted, and then asked,
    tab "Who are you, anyway?"
    tab "That's not the question here. The question is, who are you?"
    tab "Me?" I gave it a seconds thought, and then just answered, "Tyler Woods."
    tab "No, you're not," the voice objected. "I'll tell you what you are." A dramatic pause, and then I found myself staring at a wall. A quick glance around told me where I was.
    tab I was in the school bathroom.
    tab "Tyler..." I looked around to see where the voice was. There stood Jacob, his body towering over Stacy's. He stared at me, and cackled with a grin,
    tab "Nice to see you." Quickly, he pulled out a pocket knife from his pocket.
    tab "I stabbed you in the cheek. This is overreacting." I turned my vision around. There I was, standing my ground firmly, trying to avoid a fight by talking sense into Jacob.
    tab I wasn't just in the bathroom. I was in the bathroom on the date of March 13, 2009, at the time of the "event".
    tab "What am I doing here?" I whispered, more of to myself, but nevertheless, I got a quick, unhelpful reply,
    tab "Watch." I did, and just spectated as the whole scene just replayed in front of my eyes. We argued. Jacob charged at me. We fought.
    tab I completely destroyed him.
    tab The scene was cut off right after I fractured his head against the wall. Then everything went black, and it was back to the way it was before.
    tab "What--what just happened?"
    tab "Just a reexperience of events from your memory. I told you, we're drifting in your memory."
    tab "Drifting...in my..." I quickly interrupted myself, and went on,
    tab "Ugh, none of this makes sense! Drifting in my own memories! What the heck is that supposed to mean?! How are we even doing it?"
    tab "I'm in control of you. At least, when I want to be. Your mind, your body...I could take control of you whenever I want."
    tab "Take...control of me?"
    tab "Oh, please, 'Tyler'. Don't tell me you haven't already at least guessed. When you stabbed Jacob in the cheek and made him bleed, when you bashed his head against the wall and sent him to the hospital, not breaking a sweat..."
    tab "I made you, 'Tyler'. You're not human. Never were, never will be."