• I came home from my usual Valentine's Day ritual; go shopping for new lingerie, come home, dress up for the boyfriend, and spend the day in bed. I was fairly prepared for the warm greeting that awaited me when I came home, but instead I was welcomed with a swift kick in the a**.

    "I'm leaving, Sarah," Was all he said, as he packed up his bags, placing all his clothes into the remaining dufffel. I wanted to plead, to act depressed, to cry and latch on to his leg and tell him no, you're not leaving. But none of that came to me. I was angry as I watched him change, watched the smile on his face contort into a satisfied grin.


    He wouldn't leave.

    He. Would. Not. Leave.

    "Can I ask why you're leaving me? On Valentine's Day, especially," I said, examining my nails, my posture exuding nonchalance. He looked up, smiling.

    "I've met someone new, love. I'm in love with her."

    "Well, will you tell me about her at least?" I asked, faking a smile. He smiled back whole-heartedly.

    "Her name is Joli. She's bright, beautiful, and supports me in everything I do. She completes me," He said, ranting and raving about the new girl. I pretended to listen.

    "Hey, I've got something to give you before you leave," I said, letting my sentence trail off into mid-air. He looked at me, unsure of what to do. "I just want to show you. No strings attached."

    "Okay. No strings?"

    "No strings," I complied, picking up my Victoria's Secret bag and carrying it into the bathroom with me. I had to do something. I changed into the tiny pieces of lingerie, then went off in search of the knife that I kept in the bathroom, in case anything ever happened. After successfully finding it, I placed it in the back of my shorts, making sure it would appear unseen until I was ready to use it.

    Crazy? Maybe I was.

    I just didn't want to be alone.

    "Baby?" I called, opening the door. He turned, and his face went from pleased to utterly shell-shocked. I smirked at his reaction. "Like it?"

    "I-I love it," He stuttered quietly, coming up and grabbing me, and bringing his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. I walked him into the bathroom slowly, so there wouldn't be any evidence left behind on my pristine carpets.

    "One more thing, baby," I uttered, breathless. He pulled away from me, his hands lacing themselves around my waste.

    "What is it?"

    "I love you," I hissed, plunging the knife into his chest.