• The dream, for the most part, was pretty good. Only a few things popped up the frightened me. Spiders, clowns and needles, nothing out of the usual. Until the grassy plain disappeared and was replaced with clouds. I was standing under a golden gate, the sound of Harps being played was in the pack ground. It was clear that I was very confused.
    I looked around and walked. I didnt know where I was heading, or where I came from anymore. I felt no fear, no pain and no doubt as I wondered aimlessly around the white cloudy abyss.
    "You worry to much." A deep voice echoed over the vast clouds. I looked around, unable to see anyone, or anything different than I have already saw. Then something was reveled to me.
    It was a group silhouette to my left, yards away by the look of it. They were drawing me in, not by words or motion. It had an emotional pull, more mental than anything. I ran.
    I ran strait to it, as I did, it seemed to get further and further. Slowly my grandmothers words ran through my head.
    "Patients is a value young one, you must learn and live that." It echoed over and over as my feet slowed to a brisk pace, and slowing still. The group didnt seem as far now, I could make out one being... my grandmother. When i knew i was in ear shot i asked,
    "I'm in heaven arent i?" they nodded
    "But i'm not dead... how can that be?" i asked another question. A woman stepped forward. She resembled Itsuko in some ways, and Itsuko wondered why.
    "You yearn for forgiveness dear one, you blame yourself for everyone else's pain even when you do not cause it." the woman answered. "My child you must forgive and forget."
    "Not to mention be patient with what you have been given the call for." Grandmother added.
    "Listen to these wise women, they who are the closest to you... your mother and grandmother." the deep voice echoed again.
    I awoke to sun light coming from the window. I didnt know what my dream meant, but I had seen my mother. The first time in many years. She died when I was young so I dont really remember her much.
    There was a sound downstairs like a glass breaking that made me jump and made my heart race