• I'm pulled into a hug, my eyes widened and my face burns from embarrassment. I smile nervously, and pat his arm. He lets go and says three little words that when he says them, I think that he's only joking, but I don't know. Those words are "I love you". From across the room, my best friend is sitting at her seat, she gives me a thumbs up. Why did she have to be on his side? Really, can't she help me out in any way?

    "I know, you tell me almost everyday" I tell him, he's a head taller than me, and I can't look at him, I feel so embarrassed, He hugs me every day more than once, tells me he loves me, and one day he was getting a lot of hugs from other girls. He comes up to me and says "Don't worry, I still love you" I was so embarrassed!

    I also keep dreaming about him! Why?! He is kinda cute though, with his dirty blond hair that comes down a little ways below his ear. He's tall, about maybe 1 or 2 heads taller, so I always have to look up at him. His lean, not really all that muscular, but I kinda like guys like that. And sometimes, I actually like his hugs. . . WAIT! What am i SAYING?! He doesn't really like me, he's probably just joking around with me. But I'm so confused! Does he like me? Do I like him? Ah I don't know!

    But I remind my self could like a girl like me, I'm just too different, Everyone says that I'm beautiful, but there are many other girls out there and in my school that are way more beautiful than me, they're also more popular. I'm nothing but an outsider. But everyone is really nice to me, and even now in grade 8 I feel more comfortable in my own skin than when I was younger, everyone takes me for who I am. I think.

    I begin walking to the library, I sit on the leather couch, it's new. We have reading period today instead of language arts. I like this day, lets me catch up on any reading that I haven't had the time to do. I don't look up from my book, but I feel two people sit down next to me. I look to my left, it's one of my girl friends, Jamie. I look to my right and sitting there looking at me, is Kristopher. The one who hugs me all the time, says he loves me, and one time grabbed of my face in his large hands, I thought he was going to kiss me! I ask him"What?" and all he replies with is "Hi" I return it and he lets go.

    He smiled and says "Hi Alissa" I nod and return to my book. He looks at a book with pictures in it. I don't blame him, he's not the kind of person to read. I smile and giggle. I don't know if he noticed. But he shifts his position closer to me, our arms are touching, i feel my face heat up. I put my book closer to my face, hopping that nobody could see my blush.

    I look around and see across from me two of my other girl friends. They're smiling. They put up there hands and their hands form half a heart. They put the two halves together and start pointing to me and Kristopher. I bring my book up closer to my face, my nose almost touching the paper. I move my book away, hopping that my blush is gone. I look over at Kristopher, and he's looking at them, he points at him self and me asking them if they were pointing at us. They nod and repeat. He smiles and leans in on my shoulder, showing them that he approved. They laugh silently. I groan. Why did it feel like everyone was on his side?

    I was so embarrassed and confused that I kept my book up to my face until the bell for next period rang. I don't know if he likes me. Or if I like him. I really am confused beyond my mind. And so embarrassed that the sun has to squint in order to see. My blush is so bright.