• Chapter 5:Be still my beating heart

    My room mates and I headed over to the hall to wait outside for our breakfast (And possibly Jake).We coolly checked the activity list and discovered that today we would be diving, swimming and kayaking in Lake Kanawa, I was very pleased as I thought of myself as a rather strong swimmer. The doors open and we piled into the hall laden with plates and pine tables.
    "Your soooo lucky" Delilah said to me.
    "I'm not so sure I have a bad feeling about today" Penelope replies gravely
    "What are you are fortune teller?"Farrah says while pulling a face.

    We all march down to the lake and look at the greenish, bluish water that lies below the bank we stand on.
    "Orright!,"Mr Obitual (our water instructor) yells
    "This is going to be a day of water sports and water safety,"he says"I will not accept any childishness, any stupidity and any sassyness NOW GET IN THERE AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO!" "Yes Mr. Obitual" We all chant before diving into the liquid abyss. My body sinks below the slippery blue skin and rises above it, The water feels good against my dry skin that hasn't felt the touch of fresh water in weeks. I dog paddle over to where Farrah, Delilah, Lucy and Penelope are draping themselves over a rock in the middle of the lake
    "Hey there little mermaids" I say as I climb up onto the boulder next to Farrah who is in a bright green bikini they all laugh.

    We spend the day swimming, splashing and diving into the lake until Delilah asked me if I wanted to go for a kayak I hesitated and said yes though I'm not that sure. Delilah pushes the kayak into water as I shake feeling insecure in the front seat Delilah jumps in and we paddle of down the little river that connects back into the lake 100 or so meters away.
    "Hey this isn't that bad!" I say to Delilah
    "WATCH OUT!!" she screams
    I face the front and see what she means "PLONKSCLASHOOSH"The kayak tips over I see Delilah swim out from under the boat but my bikini strap is caught on the side. I reach up and feel along for the strap my lungs capacity rapidly decreasing just when I thought all was lost two hands reached into the water and hauled me out.

    I lay spluttering water all over the ground (topless) and covering my bust. I slowly open my eyes to see Jake leaning over me with a look of sheer terror plastered across his face my face immediately turns bright red.
    "A-Are you alright?" he stutters
    "Never better" I say grinning.
    Jake escorted me back to my cabin that evening
    "You're very pretty Darcy" He said looking at his feet
    "Thanks," I said he had lent me his t-shirt but I still felt terribly embarrassed
    "Don't let anyone tell you less" he said staring into my eyes, He pushed my chin upwards and gave me a short kiss on the lips.