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    "How have you been, Kenneth?"

    Those very words impaled me, and even to this very moment. As I stand just inches away, I realize that it was not the words that hurt, but rather, the fact that it was from you. You- I never expected to see you again, but then, I have expected alot of Fate, that cruel, cruel b*****d. My arms become heavy, and I can't open my mouth to express just how I feel, so I can only hope my face can give you a clue.

    Do you remember the times when you were here? Let me tell you how I remember them- back then, I was smiling, happy and content with my life. That was thanks to you, by the way- It was thanks to you that my dreams weren't haunted by the cold, hard nights that plague me today. Thanks to you, I was not alone- I actually had friends that stood by me, making me laugh at those who are like the me of today (Ironic, Isn't it?). It was you that found me- you reached out your hand and pulled me out of the darkness that I once again found myself into.

    Because of You, I have become the person I am today. Doesn't that sound nice?

    But I will say none of those things- instead, I will smile and wave, despite how much this broken happiness hurts me. That way, you'll see me just how you left me; that's the way you hoped to see me anyway. Despite how heavy this arm feels, despite the fact that you don't deserve to see me smile no matter how fake it actually is, I'll still wave to you, I'll still seem happy to you, because I am indebted to you for making me happy during those days, even if those days mean nothing now.

    A tiny part of me wished for you to see past that fake smile of mine and reach out to me again like you did before.

    ...But I ignored that, and lied. To You. Not because you weren't worth the truth, but because I don't ever want to see you frown like you did the day you left.

    "I'm fine."