• Lilith's p.o.v

    Mama was sitting in her chair rocking back and forth, her arms hung limply by her side as blood was smeared all over her nose and mouth. Her eyes still and open dull and hollow no life in them at all. And I sat by her side cradling her cold dead hand, sniffling quietly, gripping my little 10-year old fingers around her smooth dead ones. Mommy was gone and I was all alone. More tears rolled down my cheeks, and I no longer cared and let myself sob helplessly like the little girl that I was. The world now seemed so dark, and horrible to me, how mean of the world to take away my mommy. I wish I had enough strength to scream at the world how much I hate it, and how mean you are to me. I wish I could scream, "I HATE YOU WORLD, YOU TOOK MY MOMMY AWAY, WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU!!!" But my throat was dry and sore from all my crying.
    I heard the door creak behind me, but told myself it was just the wind, and no one else. But that was not the wind at all. "What happened? What's wrong girl?" I turned my head thinking it was those awful murderers who killed mommy, but I was wrong once more. My eyes met the beautiful blue-green eyes of a handsome male with bright golden brown red mahogany auburn hair that looked very soft to touch, and he was wearing red. The very sight of this tall man made my breath hitch in my throat. He kneeled down in front of me and asked again, "What happened here?" I didn't answer my tongue felt thick inside my mouth and the only response I could give was a little hiccup. The man (who never told me his own name) stared at me and waited. I stared back at him, basking in his beauty and breathtakingly exquisite features, and I thought to myself this man looked too much like an angel, and I assumed he must be. So I threw my arms around him and wept a river of tears. He was hesitant at first, but then slowly I felt his strong arms encircle around me, my angel was going to protect me. I was safe in his arms and would never have to feel sad again.
    He pulled away and gazed at me at first not sure how to proceed with me further.
    "What's your name?" The Angel asked.
    "L-Lilith..." I felt shy as I uttered onto him my name.
    Angel chuckled and his hard eyes soon melted into a soft and warm stare, "Lilith, huh?"
    I nodded bashfully, as I slowly wiped away my own tears then rubbed my eyes which were now puffy and red. I looked away from Angel not wanting him to see how ugly I looked. He lifted my chin his hand and stared into my eyes. After a moment of quiet staring, he let go of my chin, and I felt tired and numb. I leaned against him resting my head on his chest and felt myself succumbing to blissful sweet sleep. But I didn't want to sleep yet, not until I knew my angel's name, "Mister Angel?" He looked at me stunned and amused at the same time. I must have looked really silly to him as I saw his bemused expression, but I pushed my insecurity aside, "You haven't told me your name yet..." He grinned as he picked me up in his arms and walked outside of my old house. As we walked I thought I heard him say something but I couldn't really comprehend anything. My mind was too far gone, the wind blew a gentle breeze, and soon I heard a faint whisper of my beautiful angel's voice speak: