• One day in a crazy town...

    Wolf: Hallo der mah mental friends~ x]

    Kc: Mental!? Psh, i iz sooo smart :B and so cool i make ice-cubes jealous BD

    Sandy: No i think they jealous cuz you dont melt in da sun o.o

    Momo: I lieks cewkey's! D:<

    Wolf, Kc, Sandy: What? O_o

    Momo: I.lieks.cewkey's! > biggrin *steals everyone's cookies in town*

    Jeff: :O you can steal my cookies anyday momo >:]

    Momo: Okiez~ biggrin *lap dances on jeff* Yea babeh! ;o

    Wolf, Kc: OXO!!!!! *PUKES!!!!!!!!!!!* SHIELD YOUR EYES!!!! DX

    Jeff: dont worry i dont turn down...i turn on X3

    Sandy, Wolf, Kc: O GOD!!!! OxO

    *Sossy arrives*

    Kc: Ello fugly~! biggrin

    Sossy: Hi...? O.O'

    Wolf: o god...something evil arrives... eek

    Sossy: OMG! WOLFIE~! My luver! 4laugh whee <3

    Wolf: O_O

    Kc: Sandy! Get the nail gun! 3nodding

    Sandy: Already ahead of you! > biggrin *loads*

    Sossy: O.O Wolfie! I will come back to u~! D: *pewfs*

    *Kayo and Jasper arrive*

    Kc: Kayo!!!!!!!!!! biggrin !!!!!!!!

    Wolf: Holaz familee and yo kayo! biggrin *gives secret stash of cookies to both* guard these wit your life-

    *cookies gone*

    Kc: O x O i have no idea where they went. *chews*

    Jasper: Nuuuuu D: *gets out spork* i will keelz u kc D:<

    Kc: o.o...*gives out lolipops*

    Kayo, Wolf, Jasper: Yay~! blaugh

    *jeff pops up behind the girls*

    Jeff: L-l-lick it like a lolipop~ > biggrin

    Kc, Kayo,Wolf, Jasper: O_O

    *sandy opens door, hitting jeff in the face*

    Sandy: Whats all da noise peepz? o.o

    Kayo, Wolf, Kc, Jasper: Sandeh! biggrin

    Sandy: ._. what i do?

    Jasper: hmm...everyone seems to be here except two people-

    *robby and katy appear*

    Wolf: Ugh! Someone forgot to take out the trash! D:<

    Sandy, Kayo, Jasper, Kc: xDDDDD

    Jasper: I feels in da mood for some idiot-flambe`> biggrin

    Wolf: Me too~ twisted

    Kayo: o_o...*eats popcorn* this's my favorite part xD

    Kc, Sandy: Share da popcorn! ^^

    Katy: ...Y-You dont scare me...

    *jasper steps forward threateningly* twisted

    Robby: ...*hides behind katy* ._.

    Wolf: *squeaks* WHAT!?! YOU DONT THINK I'M SCARY!??! HUH PUNK!?!? AM I SCARY ENOUGH NOW!?!? scream

    *robby and katy squeal in terror and poof out of town*

    Jasper: wow can they get any lamer? e.e Anyway problem solved! -w-

    Kc: ...I dont think so... eek *points at something behind everyone*

    *they all turn around and see momo sitting next to them*

    Wolf, Jasper, Kc, Kayo: O_O!!!!!!!!!

    Momo: Hiya guys~ thought you got rid of me did you... D:<

    Wolf, Jasper, Kayo, Kc: o god... eek

    ~The End~