• Have you ever thought of a creature that you wanted to come true, but didn’t. Well Amber did and it did come true, but some how it turned evil and Now it’s up to Amber to stop him before he takes over the world and create an evil world.

    Amber is only 18 and was 5’4 and she’s not really skinny or really fat she was in between and she has long soft wavy hair that was brown with a hint of red in it and her mom was a little bit taller than her and she was skinny with short dark brown hair her name is Isabella. They been living in the Bay Area ever since Amber dad died, but she didn’t like to talk about it and all she had left of him was a black leather book that she stared to write in and that when everything went bad.

    It all started when Amber was writing in her book and she was writing about this creature called the evil green glowing goo, but she called him evil goo for short he has five eyes and over a hundred of tentacles and he’s all slimy. So when she was writing her mom came in “stop writing and start doing your homework, Amber.” Isabella said. “Do I have too. I just started writing.” asked Amber. “Now Amber.” Isabella said. So Amber went to do her homework and when she did her book started to glow bright green and when it did Amber saw it and called her mom in, but when her mom came in the book stopped glowing “did u see that, mom!!” Amber asked “See what?” Isabella said. “My book was just glowing bright green!!” said Amber “Sure it was , it was just your imagination.” Isabella said. So Amber went back to her homework and when she was done she went back to her book, but when she looked at the book it looked like blood was coming out of it. “Mom, Mom come quick!!! My book is bleeding!” So Isabella rushed in the room and looked at the book, but there was no blood on it. “Stop messing around.” Isabella said “But I’m not messing around I’m telling you the truth. I saw blood on it.” Amber said. But her mom didn’t believe her and left the room and Amber went to bed.

    The next day Amber woke up and she didn’t see her book only a little note that said, “Hello Amber, I bet your wondering where your book is, well I have it and if you want it back then all you need to do is just come to the community center and get your book.” So once Amber was done reading the note she showed it to her mom, but her mom didn’t want nothing to do with whatever she was saying. So Amber left the house and went to the community center wondering who took her book and for what reason?

    So when she got to the community center she went in and looked around the rooms and in the last room she saw her book. “There you are.” Amber said. So she went into the room and when she did she heard the door shut behind her and then a man voice “hello Amber I’ve been waiting for you.” the man said. Amber turns around and saw this creature that was all slimy with five eyes and over a hundreds of tentacles. “I know you.” Amber said “you should, you been writing about me for a long time.” said the man. “You’re the evil goo from my story.” Amber said. “Very good… but enough talking, do you know why I asked you to come here?” asked the evil goo. “No, not really.” Amber said. “Well I’m here for your book.” he said. “Why?” Amber asked “cause your book has something that no other book has.” he said. “What’s that?” Amber asked. “Power and I’m not talking about good power, I’m talking about evil power.” said the evil goo. “Uh.. You can’t have my book.” Amber said as she grabbed the book and headed towards the doors. But when she tried to open the door it won’t open. “Let me out.” Amber said. “I can’t let you do that.” the evil goo said. “Why not.” she asked “Cause you already know that I exist and I can’t have you telling everybody that I’m real.” he said. But before Amber could talk he zapped her and she was knocked out.

    One hour later Amber woke up and looked around the room and saw that she was tied up, but she didn’t see the evil goo. So she tried to get out, but she couldn’t. Then the evil goo came in and he had the book in his hand and he went up to her and said, “Okay when I tried to write in your book it won’t let me.” “So what do u want me to do?” Amber said. “I want you to tell me how to work your book or else.” he said. “Or else what.” Amber asked. Then he clapped his hand and Isabella came out strapped to a table. “Let my mom go!” Amber said. “Not until you tell me how to work your book.” the evil goo said “Never!” She said. “Okay have it your way.” said the evil goo. Then he zapped Isabella and when he did she screamed in pain. “I still won’t tell you.” Amber said again. So the evil goo zapped Isabella again and again until Isabella was looking at Amber and crying out for help. “Okay okay I’ll tell you just stop hurting my mom.” Amber said. “Very well.” The evil goo said. So he stopped. “What you need to do is cut your arm and put your blood in the book.” Amber said. “Are you sure?” He asked “Yeah that's all you have to do.” Amber said. So the evil goo took a knife and cut his tentacle and opened the book and put his arm in the book. Then he waited, but nothing happened. “Nothing happening.” said the evil goo “Well maybe you did it wrong.” Amber said. “Or you just lying to me because you don’t want to tell me how to write in the book.” said the evil goo. “No, I’m telling you the truth.” Amber said, but the evil goo didn’t believe her and left the room mad. “Are you okay Amber? Did he hurt you in anyway?” Isabella asked. “No mom I’m fine, are you okay?” Amber asked. “I’ll live.” Isabella said. So when they where talking the evil goo came in again, but this time he had a box full of knifes. “what’s that for.” Isabella asked. “You’ll find out every soon.” said the evil goo as he walked towards Amber picking up a knife. “Since you won’t tell me how to work your book then I guess I’ll have to get it out of you the old fashion way.” said the evil goo. “What are you going to do to me?” Amber asked scared as he came closer to her with the knife, but he didn’t say anything else and zapped Amber and when he did she screamed in pain. “Are you going to tell me.” said the evil goo. “I already did.” said Amber in pain. But the evil goo didn’t believe her and zapped her again and again. “Stop it just stop hurting my daughter.” Isabella said. “I will once she stops lying to me about the book.” said the evil goo. Then he zapped her again and when he did Isabella got untied and jumped on the him, but when she did he zapped her off and she flew back and hit the wall and he said to Isabella, “Since you tried to stop me, your daughter is going to pay for it.” Then he went over to Amber with the knife and cut her right arm and Amber screamed in pain. “Stop it!” Isabella screamed, but the evil goo didn’t and cut the other arm and kept on cutting her as more and more blood started to drip on to the floor. “Stop it!!! Please stop it!!!” Isabella cried out. Then the evil goo looked at Isabella and without looking sliced open Amber stomach and left the room. As Isabella watched her daughter slowly diying she got up and saw that the evil goo left the book in the room and that’s when she came up with an idea. If Amber wasn’t lying about cutting yourself and putting he blood in the book in order to write in it then she might be able to being her daughter back to life and stop the evil goo.

    So she look around the room for the box of knife, but she couldn’t find them. So she looked around to see if she could find anything to cut herself and she did, it was a piece of shadder glass. So Isabella picked up the shadder glass and put the sharp edge to her arm and as she was about to cut herself she stopped and looked at the book that the evill goo wanted. When she looked at it she remember what the evil goo did to her daughter and how he tortured and killed her as she watched. so she sliced open her arm and when she did blood came pooring out. "I hope this works." Isabella said as the blood dripped down to the floor in the pool of blood. Then she opened the book and put her bloody arm into it and when she did a big flash of light appeared and everything went black...