• Haziness was all around nothing could be saw but the fluff and blur of the gray sky as it all flew by so quickly. The air is cold and the wind was ice against her tender, pale face. Her eyes closed tightly before relaxing slowly. Her chopped silver hair fluttered around her face roughly beating against her pointed high-elven ears. The beating resembling the sound of a small bat, while the pure white gown she wore flapped and fluttered just as hard against her legs and thighs.

    The air pushed hard on her shoulders the humidity frozen hitting shards of ice against her cheeks and forehead. 'W-what's happening..?'

    “Blood Type: O Negative-”

    'W-what's going on?' her voice echoed inside what seemed as if an empty mind.

    “Heart Rate: Steadily increasing-”

    Her eyes began to open slowly only to find grayness and blurs, 'W-where am I...?' Her eyes tried to focus but the wind and cold did nothing but sting her eyes and force them to close again.

    “Date of Birth: February fourteenth..-”

    The sense of air all around tensed her body, her hands clinching and her legs stiffing up, 'Th-this feeling...as if..falling..'

    “Age: Seventeen.”

    'W-why am I here..?' she shook her head slowly the wind tearing rips into her gown as she steadily gained speed.

    “Date of Death: October thirty-first-”

    'Who am I?' she questioned ever so seriously, pondering deeply on the thought. I sense of stress and vulnerability slowly sweeping over her being.

    “Date of Resurrection: November twenty-third..”

    Why is this happening? Who said this had to be? Who said? Why me? Who is me? Who am I?!” she began to scream her body arching before she reached up, grabbing the sides of her side. Her down fall spiraling out of control. The wind rip shreds of her gown as she spun quickly.

    “Name: Vailith Akutenshi--”

    “Who am I?!” she screamed loudly, her fear resounding in her voice as she gripped her hair tightly in frustration.

    “Vailith Akutenshi...”

    She spiraled faster, twirling into a mess of fabric and cloth as her gown tore and shred into pieces swirling around her bare stripped, lanky body.

    “Vailith...Vailith..” an echoing mutter in a deep hasty voice.

    Her head jerked up her eyes wide in stress and curiosity as if screaming silently themselves. 'A-a voice...who's there?' her thoughts whispered to herself. Her gaze fixed on the swirling ground as she closed in.

    “Awaken Vailith..it is your time.” It seemed to echo in the silence.

    'V-Vailith...? Vailith....w-who is that?' her question twirling inside her empty mind.

    “Rise! Rise Vailith! Wake to your master's call!”