• People think they understand what happened to me but they don’t. You will never understand until it really happens to you. My name is Allie and I live with my mom in the projects. My dad left when I was three. He is rich. I wish he was here now. My mom is a drunk. Only when she is in a good mood in the morning is when she doesn’t drink. If you read this then you might feel sad but let me tell you, you don’t know what sad is.
    I am on my way to school today. I walk out of my room. Make sure I got everything. I look at me mom. She is sleep with a drink in here hand so I know that she is drunk. I walk out the house before she wakes up. That way she doesn’t give me a good slap on the back. I make sure I shut the door. Don’t want Momma yelling at me more then she has to when she gets home. On my way I meet up with my best friend Emma. She lives in a very nice neighbor hood and says that she doesn’t mind being my friend. That she likes me for me and not where I live. “And how are we today Allie?” she says in her squeaky voice. I really love that voice. Maybe that’s why we are friends. “Good I guess. Like any other day.”
    We get into school and sit in our usual seats. Other girls make faces at me. They don’t think that I should go to this school. They think that I shouldn’t be able to go to school at all.” They’re just jealous. They want your pretty and long blond hair and your sparkly green eyes,” Emma says. She always knows what to say to make you feel better. As the school day ended, I walked back home. I don’t want to go home. Momma probably is already there thinking, what is she going to yell at me about. I think to myself.
    I open the door and close it behind me. I turn around and see a man. I don’t know this man. He looks like he is rich. What is he doing in here? “Momma? Who is this?” I yell. No answer. I wander why. Then this man starts smiling at me like I am something to eat. His smile just keeps getting wider and wider. “Come here baby. I want to fix you up,” she yells. Well at least she is alive. Of course I do what I am told. I go in her room to find a lot of makeup. OMG. That is a very pretty blue dress. I sit down in front of the mirror. Momma tells me to go put the dress on. I do what she says and go put it on. I tell her that it is too short but she tells me that it is supposed to be that way. I ask her where we are going and she tells me that I am going with Mr. Robert and I have to do everything he says.
    “You were right Bernice, your daughter is beautiful. I will have lots of fun tonight.” I wander where we are going. I hope to a very fancy restaurant and then a movie. I get in the car and then I really start to wander. He didn’t get in the driver seat. He got right in the back with me. This is very strange. All of a sudden he pushes me down and started taking his and my clothes off. “What are you doing?” I ask scared. I knew exactly what he was doing. “Relax; we are just going to have a little fun. I scream and scream. I want to die. Please kill me. I know momma can here me. Why aint she helping me. Finally it is done. I run all the to the house then run all the way to my room. I started to sob. “You were right as you always are. I had fun. Here is your $100. I will be here next Monday.” I was being raped and momma got paid for it. I can’t believe it.