• We were walking home. The sense of freedom fell upon us with a strange feeling not of comfort, but a sense of uncomfort.
    The rest ran ahead eager to get home, but Derek and I fell behind to talk.
    "The sun's almost down." Derek whispered, his voice strained.
    "You won't hurt anyone." i said firmly.
    "You can't stop me in my other skin." he said.
    I looked up with a sigh, and i saw the sunset. The colors smeared across the sky. It looked so beautiful my heart began to hurt. "And I know you'll never live with the guilt." i smiled, the action felt so unfamiliar on my face.
    "Now is no time for jokes." his voice cracked like a whip across my face.
    I flinched but looked him in the eye. "Don't." my voice almost wavered.
    Derek suddenly pushed me to the ground, and changed before my eyes. My hair whipped around in the wind.
    Derek's head lifted, and i could hear his moan of pain as his joints popped. He was beautiful.
    As a wolf he walked towards me cautiously then there was a bang and Derek fell to the ground. Blood seeped across his fur.
    "Derek!!!!!" i screamed. My hands fluttered across him trying to fix him, but there was the bullet wound. Right beside his heart.
    The hunter came over, and looked at me puzzlingly .
    Dove flew off to get help.
    Five hours I had to wait for Derek to get out of surgery, but when i saw him lying in bed as a human. His face was yellow, and clammy with sweat.
    The sun shown through the window, i sat down, and fell asleep.
    My eyes fluttered open at the sense of someone watching me.
    "Derek?" i asked, there was a pain in my chest, but I ignored it.
    "Hey hon." Derek whispered.
    "Derek!" i shrieked.
    "Sh......" Derek shushed me.
    "Sorry." i whispered.
    "I don't have much time." Derek said.
    "Shouldn't you be laying down?" i asked.
    "Listen. I can't stay long." he repeated.
    "I'm going to open the curtains. It should be day still, I mean you're not a wolf." i stood up and opened the curtains, it was dark outside. "If you're not a wolf then......." i trailed off, and collapsed to the floor, and I couldn't control my breathing.
    "I tried to hold on, but it wasn't enough." Derek whispered. Then he disappeared.
    The monitor on the bed started to beep meaning his heart had stopped beating. The doctors rushed in, but I knew that it was no good. I had seen him so he can't come back.
    I was crying where I had collapsed. I was begging my mind to give up so I could fall into unconsciousness, but I didn't. I had fallen into shock.
    A doctor came and laid his hand on my shoulder.
    "Get away from me!!!!!" I screamed.
    A few minutes later someone picked me up in my helpless state, and laid me in a bed. I took off the locket Derek had given me and cried.

    A few days later i was wearing a sweatshirt, and had a pack for traveling.
    "I'm leaving." i announced to my family as they sat on the couch.
    "What do you mean?" asked my mom.
    "If i have to live without Derek there's no life for me. He's either coming back, or I'm going to him."
    "But he'd hate you if you did that." my father objected.
    "Shut up!!" i roared. "You always make me feel guilty about my decisions, but now.......now that won't work. I love him."
    "You mean loved." Cody objected.
    "If you know what's good for you, you won't mess with my mind." i said to him without looking at him; he was trying to make me change my mind with his Gift.
    "How do you know you loved......love him?" my dad asked.
    Tears started to fall down my face. "Because i do! How do you know you love mom enough to leave her!? You knew this wasn't a place for her to stay so you sent her away!" i shrieked at him.
    "Well she's done her homework." my mom muttered.
    Cody stood up, and hugged me. I just about collapsed, but instead i pushed him away. "I know what you're trying to do, but no. It's not going to work." my chest stung, but it wasn't Derek, it was the shards of my heart breaking even more. "I'm leaving." i repeated then i left.
    When i got to the fields my chest hurt even more as Derek arrived. "Don't." he said.
    "Don't tell me what to do." i said to him.
    "I loved you."
    "You don't believe I can bring you back!" i shouted at him.
    "No, i don't."
    I pulled a knife from my bag, and held it to my chest. "Either you come back, or I join you!" i screamed. My tears fell on the knife, and dripped to the ground.
    "Don't." fear spread across his face. "I love you too much." he whispered.
    "You know that question you asked me in the cave when i told you I love you?"
    "Would you give up everything?" he quoted.
    "Yes. My life means nothing without you." i said to him.
    "Well my life is over." he said.
    "Then mine is too." i said, and got ready to stab myself.
    "Don't do that." he said.
    "I will, and you know I'm not scared to do it."
    "No, you're never scared." he whispered.
    "Dang straight." i mumbled.
    "But sometimes, fear is good." he continued.
    "You're coming back."
    "What if i don't want to? Derek said.
    "Then you're sealing my death." i threatened to him.
    "See you soon." then Derek disappeared.
    The knife dropped to the ground, and i sobbed.
    Arms were around me. I jumped, and saw my group; Dove, Jennifer, Alexander, Emmett, and Cody.
    "You're the leader." Dove said.
    "Just tell us what to do." grinned Emmett with his flirty smile.
    "We're going after Senskesai." i said, and there were several gasps behind me. "Load up! If you can't keep up you're staying behind!" i yelled, and a dangerous grin played at my lips. "We're coming for you Derek." i muttered.

    Senskesai [Sens-kay-sai] is someone who can summon Death to do his work. When i say Death I mean actual death. Like Hades only much, much more dangerous, angry, and loves a good broken heart. It makes his day.

    This is the end. Hope you like that sneak peak of the book. I'll post on my profile, and on here, when I'm getting it published.