• Tonight you left without a goodbye i will never know who you are.
    Now that im older i realized you never cared about me.
    Six years later there is someone else who loves me and my mom.
    Though each night i wonder what you look like i know im better off without you.
    Now i have a family and a bloved father.
    Though he married my mom when i was little he took me in as his own.
    You could never do that for me could you.
    One day when im older i will find you and show that you are nothing to me.
    You have caused me to cry myself to sleep for years.
    No more i am older you have missed 13 years of my life.
    Though i may never know if i look more like my mom or like you i dony care.
    You have ruined my life i hope your happy.
    If you now have i new family i hope they find out about the real you and suffer every day like i have.