• I sit on the bench closest to the building that has a flight of stairs at every corner. In my hands I loosely hold the same newspaper, like all the other times I’m here, but the sentences that tell of meaningless stories are nonexistent in my eyes as I watch her leave the building. I watch as she pulls her hand up to her mouth, laughing with her friends.

    Then I notice the red and black scarf wrapped around her neck—does she remember where she got it? I scoot closer to the edge of my seat, ready to go to her. She flashes a smile towards me but I slide back against the bench as she kisses her husband, the one that her smile was for.

    She walks towards a black car and I remember one just like it, twisted around a light pole three years ago. I remember screaming and pulling her out, cradling her until the ambulance came. Closing my eyes I shake the memories away and get to my feet, ready to come again next year. I grip the unused ring that hangs around my neck, having one more glance towards her; my ex-fiancée.

    Before sliding into the car she looks directly at me and her grin warps into a grimace. Another memory resurfaces, coming at me like a hammer; we’re in the hospital and she’s blinking out of her dream. She looks at me questioningly and what she says completely breaks me;

    “Do I…know you?”