• I walked into the room, and immediately froze. On one side of the large room were the old ones, the closest thing I had to family. Jasmine, Peter, Kevin, and Gesibell, all staring at me with horror filled eyes. 10 figures in black were surrounded them, the sunlight coming from the tiny window behind them reflected light off of the shining silver daggers they were caring, and pointing at my family. Anger and adrenaline filled me I was about to surge forward when I looked to the other-side of the room and stopped dead in my tracks. Still lying on the filthy white bed, still in her comma, was Lilly a man in black standing over her a knife stationed above her heart. I was filled with pure agony, for I could only save one group. I knew that it would be smarter to save the 4 of my family but it was so hard to let Lilly die. I knew what I had to do but I was still reluctant. I only had minutes left to act. Running over to my “family” I was a blur. Within 5 seconds each man was either dead or out cold, but it still wasn't fast enough. Her eyes flicker open for the first time in days.
    "Jack", I herd her horse whisper when she say me, but could do nothing. Then she looked up. She gave a startled gasp but had no time to scream. In one swift movement the man above her plunged his silver dagger into her heart and diapered into the shadows. I cried out and ran to her.
    "Jack," she breathed, barely audible. That was the last word she spoke. Her eyes flicked shut and her body went limp. I quickly checked for a pulse, there was none. My knees buckled under me and I sank to the floor. I laid my head on her chest and sobbed. My head bumped against something cold and metallic, the dagger. Again anger surged through me. I pulled it out of her, her body slightly arching with the effort. threw the horrid thing to the other side of the long room where it embedded itself in the cement wall. I laid my head fell back on her stomach and went to pieces. I ran my hand through her thick brown hair, not caring that it was cold and damp with sweat. I had seen it all wrong before. It wasn't just 4 lives for 1 it was 4 old lives for her kind loving sole. It now seemed like an unfair choice. I wished I had been the one to die in Lilly's place, but I knew I couldn't die, not while my "family" was still alive, if not who would protect them? I had loved Lilly with all my being, neither Lilly nor I had known how much. Now she was gone to me forever.
    Or so I thought.