• Introduction:
    It was dark when he awoke, strange smells assaulted him from every angle, he let out a low frightened growl from the back of his throat, the growl echoed off the metal surrounding walls he was alone, alone and scared. The last thing he remembered was being with his mother but now as he lifted his nose to the air he couldn’t even smell her. Getting to his feet hesitantly he inched towards the front of the cage his tail between his legs he let out a little whimper and was surprised when he heard movement somewhere to the right of him.
    “Hello?” he questioned “is there someone there?” he waited listening his body tense hoping that someone else shared his plight. A simple whimper was all he got in reply but this caused his tail to wag happily.
    “Who are you? Do you know where we are? Do you know where my mother is? Do you know why I’m here?” came his barrage of questions.
    “Pipe down puppy you don’t want them to hear us,” came a rough voice from across the room, Khan flattened his ears and sat down quickly for there was a commanding presence about the voice. Then once again there was silence, Khan gulped and backed back into the corner of the cage shivering against it.
    “Psst,” came a voice beside him, putting his ear to the wall he whispered back
    “Hello?” there was a moment’s pause before the voice came again.
    “My name is Mel, I don’t know how you got here or why but I’m missing my mother too,” Khan felt his tail start to wag with the friendliness of the puppy in the cage beside him though he was sad that Mel didn’t know the answers to his questions.
    “I’m missing my mother too,” came a quiet voice to his left
    “So am I,” “Me too,” “I think we all are,” came a volley of voices once again they were silences by the gruff older voice and quit reined over the cells. Even though he was frightened of the older dog Khan confidently said
    “Well, my name is Khan and I don’t care how long it takes but I’m going to get you out of here and we will all find our mothers,” and before the elder dog could silence them more names rang out against the walls.
    “I’m Blitz,” “My name is Only,” “I’m Larken” “Names Phoenix,” “I’m Jenna,” A loud banging sound silenced all the puppies but Khan knew that one day they would all be free.