• I always thought that the way my mother died was a horrible way to die, but living with her secret that I shared was more horrible than any death one human could dream of. See my mom came from a long line of catwomen. So far I've only inherited the senses and agility. Unlike my mother I am going to live at a boarding school. My father decided to get rid of me the day we learned that she had been murdered.
    I stood in the rain waiting for the bus that would take me from this retched place for a few months while I studied. Depending on the status of crime, it would decide if they needed a heroine. My hamster, June, stared up at me through one of her clear crawling tubes. She had been my companion since my mother died.
    The bus pulled to a jerky stop, soaking my already soaked scarlet hair and getting mud in my scarlet eyes. I rubbed my eyes as I stepped onto the bus. I found an empty seat in the back of the bus.
    I pulled out my laptop and began to type in my private journal, when the bus pulled to another jerky stop. I kept my eyes on the small screen as the bus started to move again.
    "Can I sit hear," a boy with bright blonde hair asked.
    "If you value your health, I'd keep looking, for a seat," I replied not taking my eyes off the screen. I heard him back away slowly as I continued to type.
    The bus pulled to another jerky stop as I put my laptop away and pulled out a book. The bus began to get very crowded. I looked up through my eyelashes to find that half the bus was full. No one spoke, they all just stared dumbfounded at me. I let out a low hiss as I slammed my book shut. My head snapped up and my eyes narrowed.
    "Anyone want to say anything," I threatened. The boy farthest from me whispered to the girl by him.
    "She must be the new student. I bet she's a witch and that hamster is really her exboyfriend," he said.
    "What was that," I hissed at him. Everyone turned to look at him and noticed him pale.
    "N-n-n-n-nothing," he stammered. I bared my teeth at him, my fangs glistening. He gulped and I smirked.
    "Anyone else," I snapped. In complete unison they all vigorously shook their heads. "Good."
    I opened my book and began to read again. With every stop at least ten students got on the bus. Everyone stayed at least one seat away from me. I finished the book at the fifth stop and got out my cd player. I turned the volume up all the way and closed my eyes. I could sense that everyone relaxed a bit.
    I opened my eyes to find that the bus was almost completely full. No one sat with me but they weren’t able to keep their distance any longer. I put the player away and stared out my window.
    After three more jerky stops another boy walked over to me. He had stunning black eyes that matched his black hair yet contradicted hi white skin.
    “Hello,” he said. I glared up at him. He apparently didn’t get the message. He plopped down in the open seat next to me.
    “I’m Derik Cunding,” he said. I hissed in response. I don’t know if he couldn’t take a hint or he just didn’t care, but he just stared at me. I'm not always a vioent person but this guy just didn't get that I wanted to be left alone.