• Olympus,city

    Two months have passed and i am finally done being an associate to the mafia all i was doin was petty crimes such as stealing cars,transporting cocane but since i took the omerta my blood oath to my family i can do more serious jobs and i have everyone's trust now its time to earn their respect.Our crew's Coporegima and my friend Vince was driving the blackbird a classic and astonishing car as Coporegima he was our lieutenant it was his job to give assignments,orders and keep the cash coming.Some low life drug peddlers were shipping their supplies out of a supposed warehouse.No one defies the Carlion family and lives to laugh about it we pull up with the lights off three men are outside loading what i believe is cocane in some crates.I grab my Tommy gun or as others say Thompson sub machine gun and open the passenger door exiting Brendon gets out of the back with a pump shot gun we nod at each other.Then Jason gets out on the other side running around to us the once quite streets were about to be loud and run with blood the moon showed a driver in the truck eatting a sandwich.

    With no warning we pounced at our moment Jason shot a revolver threw the window hitting the driver he shook as the wounds seemingly exploded open the two peddlers dropped the crate spilling bags of cocanethey reached for their pieces as i shot both of them they shook and blood splattered.The other sneaky b*****d ran around the other side he stopped seeing the barrel of the pump shotgun pointed straight at his head Brendon pulled the trigger blowing his head off blood splashed on Brendon and the truck.We went into the building our Coporegime was our look out we ran down the hall i was in front since i had the most fire power we stopped before getting to our right turn as the peddlers in front of us shot their Tommy gun's and pistols the sounds off the bullets echoed.Jason rolled a malotov cocktail down the hall i lined up my shot as bullets flew pass my head they were focused on hitting me not noticing our little present i shot the malotov cocktail spreading the flames.They were burning and running around screaming in agony Brendon took the lead running down the hallway and pass the charred bodies he turned left aiming he seen a retreating peddler.

    Brendon shot the bullet left a nasty empression on the dumb sob's back actually pushing his skin up he fail down we knew it was a definite kill i ran left to a small room with a glass window shooting at the b*****d's behind some barrels.I hit two of them they fired back as i took cover the bullets hit the glass as it rained down on me.Jason hopped down off the walkway behind some crates the running straight along the wall the cutting up behid some more crates.Brendon fired upon them i seen a man that i believed to be their boss turn towards an exit i called Brendon he threw me a malotov c**k tail they had a truck blocking them i kneeled down lightning the rag throwning the malotov c**k tail.The malotov cocktail combusted into flames consuming the truck they scrambled Jason hopped up shooting three off them with his revolver myself and Brendon shot three each the truck exploded luckily i seen the man in the suit run out the exit door i hopped over the the window frame.Sprinting to the door i'm going after the last one "yea we'll clean up here" said Jason and Brendon simultaneously.

    I ran out looking towards my right then my left seeing the man in the suit i chased after him he shot looking back so i shot forward he jumped to his left smashing in a restaurant i took cover as he shot his pistol knocking down chairs and garbage can's.Then he ran in the kitchen knocking down pots and pans i persued him.The man in the suit shot a chained door running up on the roof making Leon follow him.I came out slowly aiming listening for the slightest sound steam rose up i was tackled knocking the Tommy gun out of my my grasp.He immediately ran for my weapon i grabbed his leg tripping him he fail hard as i got up running kicking his chest knocking him down grabbing his tie ppunching him again his lip was busted and his face was bruised.I rapidly punched him he got up headbutting me.I spinned holding my face as he pulled out a switch blade swinging i dodged grabbing his arm breaking it.I took out my icepick repeatly stabbing him in the neck blood gushed on me .I grabbed my gun and left the way i came running outside the blackbird pulled up as i got in.

    Did you handle it said Vince"i iced him"was my immediate answer so you guy don't need me to hold your hands we all laughed.We gotta stop stop by a friends business ok i need to get changed their's blood all over me i said making us laugh again.All of a sudden we heard cop sirens "the fun never ends"we reloaded our weapons this is gonna be one hell of a night.