• Long lilac hair bouncing with her movement.
    Skin, white and fair, like velvet, marred only by her rose cheeks.
    Her nose, the essence of a perfect moon, divides her face evenly.
    Her lips, shaping the words that she chimes in her crystal voice.
    Her eyes, fringed by long lashes, sparkle blue like the ocean in the sun. Their sparkles reflect the inner light that radiates from her smile.
    Her eyebrows, perfect arches, border the top of her eyes.
    Her chin and neck are harmonized under her strawberry lips, branching down onto her shoulders and her body, a body which could only have been created by a great artist, although even artists cannot achieve this level of perfection.
    Behind her, a mass of snow white outstretches into wings. Not a single feather is out of place on them.
    Her dress stretches out behind her. The white cotton hugs her bosom and waist, outlining her perfectness, then flows out at her feet.
    From her body comes a luminous glow which fades out any shadow which may have existed before her presence in this place. She walks towards me, and her dress and hair wave behind her.
    Her strides are short and graceful. She moves with an unnatural glide.
    "Hello" her voice rings as she stops before me, "I am Angelica".
    I stand in awe. Her beauty overpowers all thoughts.
    She stares at my frozen body with a friendly look, seemingly undisturbed by my reaction to her, as if this is the usual reaction.
    "Well," she says, ignoring the previous few seconds of silence, "We'd better get a move on".
    She takes my hand in hers with a light swift movement. Her soft skin is weightless, like holding nothing but sensing it is there.
    Maybe I'm imaging this. Maybe she feels like nothing because she is nothing. A figment of my imagination.
    Suddenly, she takes my other hand too, and swings my over her now closed wings onto her soft back.
    Her wings outstretch and she bends slightly with her knees. She retraces her bend and beats her wings, and our bodies move together towards the skies.
    They beat more, and we move higher.
    The clouds above seem to open to a light which comes from behind. The sun, I think to myself.
    As we near the light i realize with a sudden surge of shock, that the sun is behind us. What, then, is this strange light?
    Then I remember the seconds before the angel appeared. I remembered.
    The car. The child. The sudden sense of emergency and protectiveness over the child. the second in which I foretold in my head what would happen to this child in the path of the car and the need to push the child out of the way to safety.
    The collision.
    The crash of my body against the cold, hard metal.
    The flash of my life in my head.
    And that was it, Death. It had come to me.
    She had come to take me away. To where I belonged. Heaven.