• By: D. Freedom H.

    Chater 1

    Ice glows below my feet. Snow surrounds me. Then a wave of sent rolled across my nose, and I relise where I am. I'm in my Birthden. The smell of my sister and my mother confort me. Then for the first time I open eyes. Ice is all over the place. I see ice everywhere. Snow and ice is all I see. A shape beside me moves and I relised it was my sister Amy. She opens her eyes rolles over on top of me so I prod my paw in her side. Hard. She let out a loud 'oof' and rolled back over shaking. Another large shape moves in front of me and turns toward me. It is my mother.
    "You've opened your eyes!" She exlamed. Then she rolled over and proded my sister fully-awake. "Amy. Come on sweety it's time to go outside." Amy imidatly stot up.
    "Outside! Yes! I'm gonna catch us a big fat seal as soon as we get outside!"
    "Oh really? Well if thats so then we better hurry before the other bears wake up." Renne, our mother said, in a voice full of sarcasm.
    As soon as we're outside an iceie breze makes my face fur lay flat. I am so cold. "Mother why is it cold outside?" I ask, knowing she wont answer because it is not important to her. "I'm frezzing!" I manage to squeak before another gust of wind almost blows me off my feet. With a flick of her ears my mother starts walking. I guess she flicked her ears to tell us to follow. So that's what I do. We walk forever it feels like until we meet a hole in the ground.
    Renne turns around "Now I'm gonna catch a seal for us." She says and before Amy had the chance to jump up and say something she added, "Don't move a mussle or make a noise." She sits down beside us and we do the same; putting our heads on our paws. I quickly drift in a dream filled half-sleep. Suddenly I hear something and my eyes shoot open. Next thing I see is a dead animal in front of my mother. "Food." She says. Then chops down on a huge glob of fat and rips it off with her muscular jaws. She sat it down in front of my sister and tears a pice off of me. " Try it" She tells us.
    "It's delicous!" I sqeak around a mouthful of fat.
    "Mmmm..." Amy purred. "I'll never eat anything else for the rest of my life!"
    "Hurry up and eat before another bear comes!" Renne almost whispers. We all eat for a couple heartbeats until a giant male bear comes out of nowhere. "Grab what you have and run!" Renne roars. I grab my slab of meat and run as fast as I can toward the way we came. When I think I've run far enough I slow down to see if Amy and Renne are still following me. Just then Amy appered over the hill I had just pased and our mother is right behind her. I clear my eyes and look agian. My mother had managed to grab another huge hunk of meat.
    "Eat what you have now. When we get back to our den I will give you more." Renne said with her voice tight as if she were trying to talk around a hard bit of meat. We quickly finish and start back towards our den. All the way there the air is caked with a tence feeling. I almost jump out of my fur whe my sisster batts me playfuly with her paw. How she is not affected by the percing wind I will never know, but I play along anyway. Our mother give us a stern look and we stop. Glancing playfuly at each other we are soon back at the den. Suddenly Amy pounces at me. With no warring I am forced on my side and have the breath knocked out of me.
    "Not fair!" I sqeal as soon as I have my breath back.
    "How is it not?" She says and turns her back. Thats when I found the chance to knock her paws from under her. She squeaks and stands back up as to launch hersef into battle. I rawr as feircely a I can and dive under her while swipeing my paws over her back legs and knocking her over. As soon as I'm not under her I turn around and swipe my claws all over her rear end. She screams and launches at me agian. I dive agian but this time I scrape my claws down her belly. She lets out a squeal of pain and turns on me teeth barred. I lanch for her this time but I was expecting her to try to dive under me and I fell on top of her.
    "That's enough!" Mother rawrs. I get off of Amy quickly and bare my theeth letting her know that I'm not done. I don't know why I was so mad but it is not something I want to stop. I could feel power flowing though my veins. Power is uncontrolable for most bears but as for me to is wisdom. Wisdom, power, streangth, mussle, adrenilen. All mine. Then I relised my sister was bleeding; badly. Her rear end was covered in blood. Her belly was driping. Her fur was red. I was unharrmed. Nothing hurt me. She barely had the chance to lift a claw. Am I unbeatable? I asked myself. This morning I opened my eyes for the first time ever and now I've been in a fight and nearly killed the attacker.
    When I wake the a couple days later I'm alone. Then I hear something. I sent the air and pinpoint the attacker. Amy. Why her? Why wont she relise that she cant beat me? I don't want to hurt her agian but, if it's a fight she wants then it's a fight she will get! I jump up and spin around so fast she already looks scared. Not so sure you want to fight me now are you? I taunt silently. "We have to talk. Mother wants us to settle this one way or another." Amy starts. "We can fight or talk but just relise that if we fight it's going to be to the death."
    "Oh really? Now if it really is this way then why would you give me the choice?" I questin her knowing something isn't right.
    "Because. Why does it really matter?" She snaped.
    "Ok." I go on calmly, "let's let mother chose."
    "This has nothing to do with her!" Amy snarled. "Why would anyone would want her to chose something for them! All she does is hold us back!"
    "Such hostality. But where is all this coming from? Is it because I won? Or because of your 'special need'?" I growl. "Mother would never let you fight and you know that! All you ever do is get in the way!"
    "I'm just fine! I don't need anyone saying that I cant fight! I don't care who they are!" She raged on getting more furious by the second. Just then Renne walked in and saw Amy so angry.
    "What happened?" She fretted. "Why is you fur on-end? And why do you look as if your about to fight full-feuled?"
    Becaue your little blind angel wanted to fight me! I told her silently. Why wont she just accept that she is blind? She is and always will be useless! "She just woke up. I guess she had a bad dream." I lied. "If you can even see in you dreams!" I sneered as I walked past her. I hate the way Renne always worries so much about her. She can't even walk strait! Why doesn't she just go away and never come back? No bear would ever want her. At least none but Renne. She is worthless! I scream silently to her.
    Five moons later
    We went hunting. We were very lucky because we found a small whale to grub on. we went on full-fed and found a seal. It was bigger than normal. I helped mother carry it back to the den. Afterwards I asked my mother if we could dig another, deeper, more protected den; for extra food. She told me that was a great idea and we dug up a den. it was about five bearlenths deep, and, we covered all our food with ice and snow in scattered places. When we came back Amy, who was supposed to be on guard, had fell asleep.
    Renne and I had left a seal in the den for later on. It didn't take long for Amy to wake up. We all ate and fell asleep. The next day mother took me out and taught me some fighting moves. "Attack me." She said. I gave her a cautious look to make her think I was suprised. Without warring I leaped at her ad clawed her side. Then before she could turn around I jumped on her back. When she tried to roll over and flaten me I jumped off and tore at her belly fur and doged away. I walked a couple paces and sat down.
    "Good enough for you?" I asked nonchlontly.
    "That was great." she panted. "Let's practice more tomorrow, Shall we?"
    We both went inside and ate. Amy kept complaing thats she couldn't practice fighting to. So I took her outside and played with her. She came back in with bloody ears. When mother regained her stenghth she took us hunting. I am five moons old now so I've seen Renne hunt tons of times. She told me to catch us a seal so I went and waited. It didn't take long for a seal to pop up. I stot fowards and killed it. I took it back to where Amy was and said that was all hers. Then I went back and caught two more. We ate well that day.
    The next day Renne told us It was time to move on. "Summer is coming." She told us. "The ie will melt and we will have to live on land. Land is not cold, and it has no snow. No ice. You will learn how to survive without much food. No seals."
    "Then what will we eat?!" Amy blurted out.
    "We can eat a diffrent kind of animal." Rene wenton calmly. "Like caribu. Or deer. We can also eat berrys. they are very small but juciy." We set off before dawn. I catch us some seals to eat at sunhigh. Renne keeps explaning what land is and what it's like. Feel free to talk all day! I tell her in my head. I wish Amy would stop asking pointless questions. They are really annoying right now!
    By the time they stoped talking the sun was over halfway down. "I think we should find somewhere to spend the night." I iterupted. They looked at the sky and went on talking. Renne soon flicked her ears at me telling me to go on. I went about three bearlenths and started digging up a makeshift den. "Will either o you stop talking for one mineute and help me make a den for the night!?" I yelled at them.
    "Calm down Jesse. It's not that big of a deal." My mother tried to tell me.
    "No! I will not calm down because I have benn listening to both of you talk non-stop all day! Nither of you have done anything but walk and talk all day!"
    Renne came fowards and started to help me dig. We finished silently and I went to catch a seal before bed.
    I was unlucky this time, I didn't catch anything. I could barly see where my mother was. She was only a few bearlenghths in front of me. I was unhappy that noone would make a sound. Not even Amy who usualy snores. I slept restlessly that night