• I died last night. It felt like falling, falling forever. It wasn't painful or dissapointing as some say it is to be, or at the very least, it wasn't at all like that to me.
    Only took seven sleeping pills and a little courage. I drifted off to sleep about an hour later fearfully, knowing it would be the last time I'd stare at my bedroom ceiling. So out of it, not even remembering what had gotten me so upset in the first place.
    I knew when my lungs stopped working. I felt it in my dream. I know I choked for a few minutes, but it only felt like a few seconds in dream time. I could hear my younger sister standing over me, screaming at me to wake up. Feeling her jerk me around by my left forearm, but even though I was then mentally awake, I wasn't at all physicaly awake. I couldn't even tell her I was sorry for scaring her so much by doing this. The last mortal thing I heard was my sister screaming for help. I truely don't know if it came in time, or if I was already gone by then.

    I wait terrified in Limbo now, thinking, not able to remember much except for the night I died. My memory's fading quickly. I can't even remember my own name now. I've lost all sign that I was ever human. They say I'll be sent to Hell for killing myself. I guess I destined myself to burn forever.